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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – March, 2005

Darnton: Books reveal volumes about times past

FEATURED STORY: Books reveal volumes about times past

When Robert Darnton plucks a 200-year-old book off the shelf in his office, he is not reverential. He does not put on gloves. He does not hold the book gingerly. He picks it up and flips through the frayed pages as though the tome, published in 1776, is last year’s bestseller.

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Forums showcase faculty work, involve students in debate

FEATURED STORY: Forums showcase faculty work, involve students

On a recent Monday afternoon, nearly all of the professors in the sociology department, a good number of its seniors and graduate students, and three faculty members from other institutions assembled in a classroom in Robertson Hall.

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Newly discovered magazines reveal vital information on early black women’s issues

FEATURED STORY: Book sheds light on early black women's issues

Noliwe Rooks has unearthed a trove of forgotten publications that reveal significant historical information on African-American women’s issues long before the civil rights and feminist movements.

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All-day expo enlivens science for hundreds of middle school children

FEATURED STORY: Expo enlivens science for middle schoolers

A high-energy mix of fun and science characterized the University's Science and Engineering Expo on Thursday, March 17. More than 900 children from 11 local middle schools streamed through Icahn Lab, McDonnell Hall, Frick Lab and the Friend Center to participate in scores of demonstrations and hands-on activities designed to engage them in subjects from biology to astrophysics.

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Connecting engineering and everyday life

FEATURED STORY: Connecting engineering and everyday life

When she joined a South Philadelphia bowling league 14 years ago, Princeton chemical engineer Kyle Vanderlick was just looking for a way to unwind. Now, having held the highest league average (185) for a woman for the last eight years, Vanderlick is at the top of her game in her pastime as well as her work. What she did not expect was that she would begin to find deep connections between the two.

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Teaching as a learning process

FEATURED STORY: Teaching as a learning process

Princeton graduate students play a key role in meeting the University’s historic commitment to undergraduate teaching. Keeping alive Woodrow Wilson’s ideal of student-centered instruction, graduate students can be seen across campus encouraging discussions about readings and running lab experiments or problem sessions, all while pursuing their own studies.

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Celebrating 400 years of 'Don Quixote'

FEATURED STORY: Celebrating 400 years of 'Don Quixote'

Several events celebrating the 400th anniversary of the great literary work "Don Quixote" have been taking place this week on campus.

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FitFest promotes a healthier Princeton

FEATURED STORY: FitFest promotes a healthier Princeton

Members of the University community unwound at massage tables, watched martial arts demonstrations and learned how to improve their golf game all under one roof as part of Princeton's FitFest 2005 health expo.

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Raks Odalisque to perform, March 3-5

FEATURED STORY: Raks Odalisque takes the stage

The Middle Eastern student dance troupe Raks Odalisque will perform its annual spring semester show, "Belly Dance & Beyond," at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, March 3-5, in the Frist Campus Center theater. A matinee performance also is scheduled for 2 p.m. March 5.

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Re-examining an ancient Chinese burial site

FEATURED STORY: Re-examining an ancient Chinese burial site

"Recarving China's Past: Art, Archaeology and Architecture of the 'Wu Family Shrines,'" an exhibition that re-examines one of ancient China's great archaeological sites, is on display through Sunday, June 26, at the University Art Museum.

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