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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – August, 2005

Architecture school builds reputation on academic, practical training

FEATURED STORY: Architecture school builds world-class reputation

Princeton's School of Architecture engages students in contemporary and emerging issues in architecture through teaching and research in design, history and theory.

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Networks of Princeton alumni span the globe

FEATURED STORY: Networks of Princeton alumni span the globe

With the Princeton student body taking on an increasingly international flavor over the years, networks of Princeton alumni around the globe have expanded significantly.

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Engineering enthusiasm: Workshops add variety to summer research experience

FEATURED STORY: Workshops add variety to research experience

As a student in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton, Phillip Kang has been captivated by the modern technologies of hypersonic flight and robotics. But when offered the chance to spend part of his summer working on an 80-year-old car w...

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Psychology department provides window to the brain

FEATURED STORY: Psychology department provides window to the brain

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Princeton's Department of Psychology offers students an array of innovative courses as well as ample opportunities for research. To ensure undergraduate majors understand the main trends in contemporar...

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Student journalists grow with program

FEATURED STORY: Student journalists grow with program

A once-fledgling summer journalism camp has grown up. Born in the summer of 2002, the Daily Princetonian Class of 2001 Summer Journalism Program has diversified and matured into a working partnership between its founders and the former high school ...

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Materials camp lets science teachers bring real-world lessons to students

FEATURED STORY: Finding lessons about science in the real world

Teachers in a new program at Princeton are learning about the fundamentals of materials science through experiments with some fundamental items: pennies, paper clips and sand.

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Undergraduates get a jump on graduate school

FEATURED STORY: Getting a jump on graduate school

Eleven undergraduates from around the country have been selected to spend this summer on Princeton University's campus in a program intended to give them a taste of life as a graduate student. Each student works with a Princeton faculty member, either as a research assistant in a laboratory project in the sciences and engineering or as an advisee in editing and writing research papers in the humanities and social sciences.

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Princeton program puts high school students on pathway to college

FEATURED STORY: Program puts students on pathway to college

From intensive lab work to SAT training to a tour of the United Nations, students in the Princeton University Preparation Program (PUPP) are on an excursion of learning that will help lead them to a college education.

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Princeton is home to significant archive of medieval art

FEATURED STORY: Princeton is home to significant archive of medieval art

The Index of Christian Art, which makes its home at Princeton University, is one of the most important archives of medieval art in existence and the most specialized resource for the iconographer.

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