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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – May, 2006

History of Reunions wear on display through Jan. 30

FEATURED STORY: History of Reunions wear on display

"Going Back in Orange and Black," an exhibition at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, highlights the unique wardrobes of Princeton's Reunions from the 19th century to the present. The exhibition will run through Tuesday, Jan. 30, in the library's Wiess Lounge. 

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Top of the charts: Valedictorian composes impressive record of achievement

FEATURED STORY: Valedictorian composes record of achievement

For his senior thesis in music composition, Chris Douthitt composed three songs for guitar, bass and fiddle that are "really beautiful, really wonderful," according to thesis adviser Dan Trueman. They also are a testament to the passion and drive that have helped Douthitt achieve the distinction of valedictorian of the class of 2006.

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Book chronicles Princeton’s rise from small college to intellectual powerhouse

FEATURED STORY: Book chronicles Princeton from Wilson to the present

When Woodrow Wilson took over the presidency of Princeton University in 1902, the college was a small institution with about 1,300 students and modest ambitions. Wilson’s plan for transforming the University — by radically upgrading the faculty, the curriculum and the graduate school — laid the groundwork for Princeton to become one of the nation’s pre-eminent universities.

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English professor gives voice to unknown women writers from the 1600s

FEATURED STORY: Professor gives voice to 17th-century women writers

Nigel Smith is intent on correcting an injustice. It may be more than four centuries old, but for him, it is high time to make amends. A professor of English, Smith is on a mission to bring to light the work of notable British women authors from the 17th century whose writing has been lost over time. In many cases, the work — poems, plays and fiction — was never published and exists only in manuscript form.

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Welders help students turn up the heat in architecture course

FEATURED STORY: Turning up the heat in architecture course

Welders from the University's heating, ventilation and air conditioning shop spent several hours over two weeks in May working with students enrolled in a junior studio design course, "Dynamical Logics in Architecture." Some of the students who chose to build metal chairs for their final projects received hands-on lessons in metal cutting and welding from the University's skilled tradesmen.

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'Art of Science' exhibition bridges disciplines

FEATURED STORY: 'Art of Science' exhibition bridges disciplines

The University's second annual "Art of Science" exhibition, highlighted by three winning student entries, is now on display in the hallway of the Friend Center's main floor.

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Tracing jazz’s evolution from the club to the classroom

FEATURED STORY: Tracing jazz's evolution from the club to the classroom

In 1975, legendary trumpeter Miles Davis famously declared, “Jazz is dead.” For Princeton senior Megan Summers, a budding jazz historian, Davis’ pronouncement helped inspire her thesis research into the development of jazz education in America.

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Searching for life elsewhere in the solar system — from campus

FEATURED STORY: Searching for extraterrestrial life -- from campus

While Princeton students get help from their advisers on planning their senior project, James Wray has known the essence of what he wanted to study since he became old enough to look at the sky and wonder if anyone was looking back. “Life elsewhere in the cosmos is probably something everyone thinks about at one time or another when they’re a kid, but I’m one of those kids who never stopped,” said Wray, who is set to finish his degree in astrophysics later this spring. “After years of working toward it, I’ve finally got the chance to work with other astronomers on a project that could help us find it.”

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Campus, community connect for Communiversity celebration

Campus, community connect for Communiversity celebration

Sunshine and warm temperatures on Saturday, April 29, attracted a large crowd to the 2006 Communiversity celebration, which annually brings the town and University together for a day of performances, food, games and more. Set up on Nassau and Wither...

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