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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – June, 2006

Summer theater season runs through Aug. 13

FEATURED STORY: Princeton Summer Theater presents Shaffer comedy

The Princeton Summer Theater is presenting several plays this summer, including two shows for children, Thursdays through Sundays until Aug. 13 in the Hamilton-Murray Theater. The season began earlier this month with a production of Frederick Knott's "Wait Until Dark" and continues June 29-July 2 and July 6-9 with Peter Shaffer's "Black Comedy."  

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Princeton scientists explore the next frontier of stem cell research

FEATURED STORY: Scientists explore next frontier of stem cell research

Long before “superman” Christopher Reeve’s spinal cord injury and actor Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease fueled the public fervor over regenerative therapies, Princeton scientists were making breakthroughs in stem cell research.

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Program offers grad students a world of opportunities

FEATURED STORY: Program offers grad students a world of opportunities

Junior year abroad is almost a rite of passage for undergraduates these days. Graduate students in the social sciences at Princeton now have a similar opportunity to expand their educational horizons.

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Carter shapes future breakthroughs, one atom at a time, one student at a time

FEATURED STORY: Carter shapes future breakthroughs

Emily Carter wrestles with a world so tiny that if you were to hold it in your hand you could not feel it or see it. Yet the type of work she does, as a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has the potential for large-scale transformations. “In contrast to traditional mechanical engineering, which tends to focus on the macroscopic world, Emily’s interest is more in the microscopic world, which is a new trend that will influence the future of engineering in a big way,” said Weinan E, professor of mathematics at Princeton and a collaborator of Carter’s.

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Rothman helps reveal intricacies of ancient math phenomenon

FEATURED STORY: Intricacies of ancient math phenomenon revealed

Perhaps it’s not surprising that sudoku — the number puzzles that everyone seems to be working on these days — first became popular in Japan before spreading across the ocean. The fad is reminiscent of a math craze that swept the islands centuries ago, when ardent enthusiasts went so far as to turn the most beautiful geometrical solutions into finely illustrated wooden tablets, called sangaku, that adorned the walls of local temples and shrines.

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Students in 10 cities win Princeton Prize in Race Relations

FEATURED STORY: Students honored with Princeton Prize in Race Relations

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations awards program has recognized 55 high school students in 10 cities across the country for outstanding work to advance the cause of race relations.

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Tilghman to graduates: Carry the spirit of Princeton

FEATURED STORY: Commencement celebrates the spirit of Princeton

Princeton University President Shirley M. Tilghman drew upon the wisdom of one of her predecessors for advice for today's graduates.Referring to the legacy of Princeton's 13th president, Woodrow Wilson, she exhorted students during her June 6 Commen...

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Clinton urges seniors to use 'personal power' for global good

FEATURED STORY: Clinton joins seniors in looking toward future

Former President Bill Clinton, addressing Princeton's graduating seniors at Class Day on Monday, June 5, challenged them to apply the "unprecedented personal power" they have gained through education to serve an increasingly interdependent world. Clinton described global opportunities and vulnerabilities in the 21st century -- from economic, technological and cultural advances to the dangers of terrorism, poverty, disease and climate change -- in urging members of the class of 2006 to make a positive difference.

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Sedaris entertains seniors with fanciful tales of Princeton's past

FEATURED STORY: Sedaris entertains with fanciful tales of Princeton's past

Humorist David Sedaris delighted members of the class of 2006 at Princeton University's Baccalaureate service on Sunday, June 4, with a fanciful tale describing what Princeton was like when he was a student. 

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Generations of alumni return for Reunions

FEATURED STORY: Generations of alumni return for Reunions

Some 20,000 people -- alumni and their families -- are expected on campus Thursday through Sunday, June 1-4, for Reunions activities. Highlights of the weekend will include: the annual P-rade throughout campus beginning at 2 p.m. Saturday; alumni-faculty forums and department open houses during the day on Friday and Saturday; and performances by groups including Quipfire!, Theatre Intime and the Triangle Club, receptions and student/alumni arch sings on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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