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Friday, April 21, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – October, 2006

A revolutionary celebration marks 250 years of Princeton in Princeton

FEATURED STORY: A revolutionary celebration of Princeton in Princeton

The Rev. John Witherspoon, president of the College of New Jersey, held court in the President's House, while a fife and drum corps played a rousing tune outside. Visitors to Princeton University on Oct. 27 were transported back to the 1700s during Revolutionary Princeton Day. The event was part of a celebration that began Oct. 21 marking the 250th anniversary of the University moving to Princeton.

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Like father, like daughter: Family ties bind philosophers

FEATURED STORY: Like father, like daughter: Family ties bind philosophers

As a child, Elizabeth Harman played in the hallways of 1879 Hall, home of the philosophy department, and wandered through the crowds gathered for receptions in the hall’s fabled Tower Room. These days when she strides through the building, it is as one of the department’s newest faculty members.

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Massey’s mentorship creates network of mathematicians

FEATURED STORY: Massey's mentorship creates mathematician network

In decades of mentoring minority and women mathematicians, engineering professor William Massey has done more than foster a new, more diverse generation of mathematical scholars. He has created a community of colleagues who support and inspire each other’s research, including Massey’s own.

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Researchers seek to incorporate street psychology into economics

FEATURED STORY: Incorporating street psychology into economics

Adjusting his laptop, Eldar Shafir punches up a table of figures that represents the financial decisions of lower-income families in Trenton — a dozen miles down the road from his Princeton psychology lab, but a world apart in economic terms. Shafir and his fellow behavioral scientists are trying to stage a quiet revolution that could change the field of economics from within.

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Students launch English immersion program in China

FEATURED STORY: Students launch English immersion program in China

By the end of summer his freshman year, Rory Truex started dreaming in Chinese. By the end of summer his junior year, he had made it possible for students in China to start dreaming in English. This past summer, Truex and 10 other Princeton undergraduates spent nine weeks running an English immersion course for 150 college students in Jishou, China. The program, called Summer of Service, was founded by Truex and now will be offered annually through Princeton in Asia.

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LGBT Center ceremony marks a campus 'milestone'

FEATURED STORY: LGBT Center ceremony marks a campus 'milestone'

The "grand opening" of Princeton's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Center on Oct. 12 marked a significant step in the University's efforts to foster a welcoming, supportive climate for all campus community members. Some 150 students, faculty, staff and alumni joined in celebrating the LGBT Center, which was established in summer 2005 and earlier this year moved into its new home at 246 Frist Campus Center.

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Exhibition examines Japanese views of other cultures

FEATURED STORY: Exhibition examines Japanese views of other cultures

"Japanese Views of East and West: Imprinting the Other in Meiji Eyes," an exhibition of color woodblock prints focusing on the country's perceptions of other cultures, will be on view at the University Art Museum through Jan. 7.

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Science takes a walk in the park

FEATURED STORY: Science takes a walk in the park

Nearly a dozen local artists have collaborated with 10 Princeton University scientists to create an enchanting sculpture garden called Quark Park that brings to life complex scientific concepts.

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