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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – June, 2007

Exhibition highlights Princeton's Pop art collection

FEATURED STORY: Exhibition highlights Princeton's Pop art collection

An exhibition celebrating the Princeton University Art Museum's permanent collection and promised gifts of Pop art will be on view through Sunday, Aug. 12. "Pop Art at Princeton: Permanent and Promised" highlights the museum's comprehensive collection -- acquired over the last 30 years through purchases, bequests and gifts, both past and promised -- of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture by leading figures of the American Pop art movement.

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Yashar analyzes complex issues of citizenship in Latin America

FEATURED STORY: Yashar analyzes citizenship in Latin America

As a young girl, Deborah Yashar was fascinated by the politics, languages and literatures of other places. Her mother's parents had come to the United States in the 1900s to escape the pogroms in the Ukraine, and her father had left Iran in the 1950s to pursue a better life for himself in this country. As a faculty member, Yashar has channeled that early interest in immigration and displacement into a specialization in the intersection of democracy and citizenship.

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Princeton senior strives to break the cycle of poverty in India

FEATURED STORY: Princeton senior strives to break the cycle of poverty

In the spring of her freshman year at Princeton, Julia Neubauer and two of her high school classmates established an orphanage in Pune, India. Now a senior, she has helped run the Ashraya Initiative for Children while pursuing a degree in economics. Over the course of weekly videoconferences and extended visits to manage the facility, Neubauer has expanded her goal from providing a home for a group of children into a lifelong commitment to improve the lives of people in this part of the world.

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Pillars or politicos? Whittington examines high court justices

FEATURED STORY: Whittington examines high court justices

The Supreme Court frequently is viewed as an isolated fortress of thoughtful deliberation, where robe-clad justices ponder right and wrong far from the political maneuvering taking place in the White House. But Keith Whittington, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics, doesn't see it that way. "The court is often portrayed as being above politics — there is an expectation that the court is specifically in conflict with political imperatives," Whittington said. "I tend to be skeptical of that way of thinking."

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Summer theater season runs June 14-Aug. 12

FEATURED STORY: Summer theater season runs June 14-Aug. 12

The Princeton Summer Theater's lineup of productions -- ranging from plays by Neil Simon and Agatha Christie to new interpretations of children's classics -- will run Thursdays through Sundays, June 14 through Aug. 12, at the Hamilton-Murray Theater.

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Mixing it up: Rankin uses range of methods to pique interest in German

FEATURED STORY: Rankin's range of methods piques interest in German

Jamie Rankin, the coordinator of language teaching and pedagogy in the German department, takes a variety of pathways to immerse students in German language and culture. He teaches intensive language classes that cram a year's worth of the language into one semester; he accompanies students on study programs in Munich; and he offers demanding classes for graduate students that explore the theoretical aspects of second-language acquisition. But Rankin also uses some less formal approaches. He runs marathons with students, prepares German feasts at his home and eats dinner on Wednesday nights at Mathey College.  

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Graduates rejoice at 260th Commencement

Princeton University awarded degrees to 1,127 undergraduates and 716 graduate students at its 260th Commencement Tuesday, June 5.

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Seniors and their supporters recognized at Class Day

FEATURED STORY: Seniors and their supporters recognized at Class Day

Members of the class of 2007 bid parents and teachers a fond thank you on Monday, June 4, marking their last days at Princeton with a lively Class Day ceremony that recognized students' accomplishments and saluted those who had helped the members of the class reach their goals. 

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Fleming honors 'Class of Destiny' at Baccalaureate

FEATURED STORY: Fleming honors 'Class of Destiny' at Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate speaker John Fleming urged members of the class of 2007 -- or the "Class of Destiny," as the beloved English professor dubbed them -- to recognize the privilege of a Princeton education and to use it to improve the world.

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