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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – February, 2009

A new sightline at the theater: Dolan and Wolf bring fresh view of performance studies

As undergraduates, Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf, who recently joined the faculty of the Lewis Center for the Arts, both loved theater. They performed in college productions and sang with a cappella groups. But what each of them ultimately wanted to do was turn the study of theater on its head.

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Exhibition celebrates 50th anniversary of University Archives

The richness and depth of the collections of the Princeton University Archives are the focus of "'The Best Old Place of All': Treasures From the Princeton University Archives," a new exhibition at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

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Close seeks 'common point of humanity' in her roles

To inhabit the roles they play, actors must "love their characters unconditionally," Glenn Close said Thursday night in a speech about her acting career. The screen and stage actress talked about her childhood, her relationship with her father and how she connected with some of the well-known characters she has portrayed, including Alex in "Fatal Attraction" and Teddy in "Jagged Edge."

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Students 'Spring Into Dance' at annual festival

Works by faculty, guest and student choreographers will be performed in Princeton's annual Spring Dance Festival, "Spring Into Dance," Friday through Sunday, Feb. 20-22, at the Berlind Theatre.

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Triple 8 to present East Asian-inspired dance

Triple 8 Dance Company, a student troupe dedicated to showcasing the art and dance of traditional and contemporary East Asia, will perform its fourth annual show at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 12-14, in the Hamilton-Murray Theater.

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From lost history to community celebrations, Guild probes black American experiences

What events are remembered by history -- and the role of race in determining what becomes history and what is forgotten -- is of great interest to Joshua Guild. An assistant professor of history and the Center for African American Studies, Guild specializes in 20th-century African American history, particularly urban communities and the making of the modern African diaspora.

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'Scholar-practitioner' expands students' views of East Asia policy

In teaching Princeton students about government service and foreign policy, Thomas Christensen brings fresh insights from his own efforts to help guide America's relations with China and its neighbors.

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Student organizations explore South Asia to Shakespeare

Since the earliest days of the University, student organizations have helped students pursue existing interests and explore new ones. There currently are some 300 registered student organizations in the areas of music and dance, politics and debate, service and social activities, and ethnicity and religion.

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