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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – July, 2010

PUPP alumni demonstrate program's success through 10 years

One hundred and thirty-six students from Mercer County high schools who have graduated from the Princeton University Preparatory Program, an academic and cultural enrichment program celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer. Alumni of the program have gone on to more than 50 U.S. colleges and universities.

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Exhibition features rare maps and books on Pacific exploration

An exhibition of historic maps and rare books, focusing on 250 years of Pacific Ocean exploration throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, will run through Sunday, Jan. 2, in Firestone Library's main gallery.

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Video feature: 'Earth's Last Frontier: The Atmosphere'

Princeton engineering professor Mark Zondlo and his team of researchers are mapping Earth's atmosphere from pole to pole in search of the most comprehensive picture yet of greenhouse gases and how they affect climate. The team is traveling in a superfast research aircraft that includes a new laser-based sensor invented by Zondlo's team to measure water vapor throughout the atmosphere.

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Computers intersect with sociology to sift through 'all our ideas'

Sociologist Matthew Salganik has teamed up with Princeton computer scientists to develop a new way for organizations to solicit ideas from large groups of people and simultaneously have those same people vote on the merit of the ideas generated by the group. Called "All Our Ideas," the survey tool melds concepts from sociology and computer science to allow an organization to quickly set up a free website where large numbers of people can contribute and rank ideas. The system could help governments tap into public opinion and provide sociologists with a new research tool.

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Video feature: 'Dodgeball: Genesis of a Tradition'

Thousands of Princeton students turned out for the sixth annual Princeton University Dodgeball Tournament in Dillon Gymnasium this April. Members of varsity and recreational athletic teams, residential colleges, eating clubs and other student organizations fielded teams for the tournament, making it one of the largest student events on campus since its founding.

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Gubser looks to strings for answers, bringing the public along, too

Steven Gubser, a Princeton professor of physics, is one of the world's leading experts in string theory, a dazzlingly complex and still controversial branch of modern theoretical physics. Gubser's cool, relaxed style and straightforward manner mask a fierce determination to make sense of the world and to bring along on his journey of discovery those who may not be privy to his knowledge.

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Video feature: Greening Princeton

Jack Hutton, a member of the class of 2013, documented the "Greening Fashion" show that allowed students to explore their creative side through fashion and sustainability this past spring.

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Project X innovation fund supports bold thinkers and 'tinkerers'

Project X, a fund provided by Lynn Shostack in memory of her late husband David Gardner, a 1969 Princeton graduate, is intended to give faculty members in the engineering school the freedom to pursue hunches and unconventional ideas, even if those ideas are outside their direct expertise.

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'Inner Sanctum' exhibition illuminates Princeton's history

An exhibition currently on display inside the Faculty Room at Nassau Hall is less about the works of art than it is about the art of the space. Running through Oct. 30, "Inner Sanctum: Memory and Meaning in Princeton's Faculty Room at Nassau Hall" is meant to showcase the room as the center of the University's history, while also reflecting American society's evolution.

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