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Monday, April 24, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – December, 2010

Princeton at twilight

In the subdued light just after sunset, Princeton's campus takes on a new look. Familiar buildings cast unusual shadows, and glowing lights provide distinctive beacons.

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Exhibition showcases paper money as art

An effort to thwart currency counterfeiters in America's Colonial period spawned an outlet for creative expression that remains vibrant to this day: money as art. Because British Colonial policies resulted in a dearth of circulating coins, the Amer...

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Football standout Jordan Culbreath inspires by overcoming disease

Sitting in a hospital room in October 2009, Princeton senior Cart Kelly came to a realization as he tried to come up with words to help his roommate, Jordan Culbreath, through a day of potentially shocking medical news. A senior in mechanical and aerospace engineering and a two-time All-Ivy League running back, Culbreath has fought a battle with life-threatening aplastic anemia that has become for those who know him on and off the field an inspiring story of a student-athlete's dedication.

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Class snapshot: 'Sociology of Technology'

The course, new to Princeton this year, explores the ways in which culture and social structures shape the design and use of technology, and how technology in turn influences cultural and social experience. The three-hour weekly seminar introduces the field's theoretical underpinnings, gives students the opportunity to review case studies of topics such as medical technologies and virtual interactions, and culminates in individual research projects for final papers.

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Video feature: 'Engineering After Princeton: Catherine Toppin'

In this video profile of Catherine Toppin, she discusses how her Princeton engineering education helped prepare her for a flourishing career as a patent attorney.

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University celebrates Princeton inventions

The annual "Celebrate Princeton Invention" event, held Dec. 3, honored the accomplishments and contributions of more than 200 Princeton University scientists and engineers who participated in the technology transfer process in 2010. Additionally, the celebration recognized the importance of collaboration between the University research community and industry to develop fundamental discoveries into beneficial technologies and applications.

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Class snapshot: 'East Asian Humanities'

The course "East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations" is an introduction to 2,000 years of the art, literature, philosophy and religion of China, Japan and Korea, from antiquity to the 18th century. This semester the course, which was first taught in 2006, is organized around conceptual dualisms common to the Western tradition -- such as good and evil, natural and supernatural, and truth and memory -- to explore the way that those concepts are reaffirmed, blurred or rejected in other traditions.

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