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Friday, April 21, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – November, 2011

Signatures in light: The windows of Princeton

Whether they inspire delight, or simply serve their daily function of admitting light, the windows of Princeton University are unquestionably an integral part of the campus's personality. When designed correctly, a window can be both efficient and evocative, complementing the diverse architecture for which the University is so well known. The next time you're strolling through campus, take note of the windows you see — and notice how their reflections and moods sometimes change with the time of day and from season to season.

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Video feature: Putting the squeeze on batteries

People depend upon lithium-ion batteries every day to power cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices, and perhaps one day to run cars. This video shows how Craig Arnold, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University, is working to make those batteries last longer and provide more energy.

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Examining a life worth living

As they embark on their Princeton University careers, 15 freshmen are grappling with a question that will be central to their lives: What is the meaning of a good life?

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Video feature: Freshman Seminar: 'Silence, Noise, Sound and Music'

When Princeton music professor Barbara White faced a number of personal health challenges that affected her ability to experience music, she channeled her coping into a new field of artistic exploration. In this video, White explains how her experience led her to a journey in search of silence, which she is sharing with a group of freshmen this fall in a new seminar.

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Video feature: Open Doors: Princeton Graduate School

In this video, students and faculty discuss the opportunities and traditions that are found in Princeton University's Graduate School, which offers advanced degrees spanning the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.

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Tackling tough questions about global environmental change

The freshman seminar "Global Environmental Change: Science, Technology and Policy," which is being offered for the first time this fall, addresses the issue of climate and sustainability through the lens of many disciplines.

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At Princeton and in fiction, Eugenides dives into classroom

In his new novel "The Marriage Plot," Princeton creative writing professor Jeffrey Eugenides takes the reader into a college classroom where English major Madeleine Hanna is trying to carve out a life for herself in which literature is a guiding force. Eugenides, who himself was once a student with similar aspirations, hopes to help Princeton undergraduates also engage deeply with writing in his own classroom. Teaching, he says, is one of the toughest challenges he faces. 

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University begins operating Dinky waiting room

Passengers waiting to ride the Dinky at the Princeton commuter rail station now have access to a climate-controlled space before they board the train on weekday mornings. Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding approved by Princeton Borough and Township, Princeton University will operate the Dinky station waiting room from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., five days a week, beginning Nov. 1.  

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