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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – July, 2012

Global Seminar brings ancient Greek plays to life

During a six-week Global Seminar called "Re-Staging the Greeks," 15 Princeton students traveled to Greece to discover firsthand how the rich culture, history and landscape of this nation inspired the ancient playwrights whose works continue to illuminate contemporary life.

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Video feature: 'Chemistry at Princeton — Profiles of Young Chemists'

The "Profiles of Young Chemists" video series highlights graduate and postdoctoral students in Princeton's Department of Chemistry conducting research in various areas of chemistry. In the first video, graduate student Julia Kalow discusses her journey from a childhood interest in science to her work at Princeton creating reactions that produce useful molecules.

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Video feature: 'A Brief Drive Inside'

Princeton University's inviting 500-acre main campus has been traversed by students, faculty, the community and visitors for more than 250 years. Since the college settled into its Princeton location in 1756, tremendous change has occurred on the campus. Initially housed in Nassau Hall, the University now includes more than 180 buildings, some currently being built. Even as the campus has grown and evolved, its distinctive character — interwoven with its history — continues to look toward the future.

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Featured blog: Mudd Manuscript Library

The Mudd Manuscript Library primarily contains the University Archives, documenting University life, administration and research, and the Public Policy Papers collection, containing rare and unique items from 20th-century American governance.

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Academics and activism shape Wantchekon as Africa scholar

Princeton University Politics Professor Leonard Wantchekon has built upon his remarkable past to forge an academic career focused on studying — and working to shape — governance and institutions in Africa.

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Video feature: 'Mapping Princeton'

This video represents an artistic visual journey of the Princeton campus through old maps, satellite images, aerial footage and 3-D models, ending with a 360 spin around Nassau Hall. The Digital and Geospatial Information Center located in Lewis Library is a resource for historic Princeton University maps and aerial photographs, many of which are available online.

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Video Feature: Looking Up at Princeton

Princeton's campus has been thoughtfully designed to balance tradition with the best of modernity. Considered by many to be one of the most magnificent college campuses in the world, its aesthetic qualities are a large part of the experience of living, learning and working in this community. In the "Looking Up at Princeton" video, glancing sunlight accentuates Princeton's special sense of place.

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Princeton library brings Revolutionary-era texts alive online

More than 235 years after Thomas Paine challenged the American colonists to free themselves from British rule in his treatise "Common Sense," history buffs around the world can study Paine's rousing words and other Revolutionary-era texts through the Princeton University Digital Library.

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