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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – January, 2013

Video feature: 'Three Professors'

Princeton's faculty members are known around the world for their scholarship. They include Nobel laureates, MacArthur fellows, Pulitzer Prize winners and more. In the classroom, they are inspirational instructors who are passionate about the courses they teach. Faculty members often form deep bonds with the students they mentor in undergraduate research projects.

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Video feature: Engineers Without Borders, Sierra Leone

A group of four students working with the Princeton chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-Princeton) were in Sierra Leone last summer to talk with local citizens and leaders about opening a new program. EWB-Princeton will be partnering with the village of Dorma to address a few of the basic needs of the community. The students noted that the village has seen little continual effort for a redevelopment of infrastructure in the postwar decade.

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Class snapshot: 'The Energy-Water Nexus'

The class "The Energy-Water Nexus" exposes students to the link between energy and water and how to keep that as sustainabe as possible. The class is taught by engineers Eric Larson, Sankaran Sundaresan and Daniel Giammar. 

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Cheng embraces inclusion — not assumptions — at King Day celebration

At Princeton University's annual King Day celebration Jan. 21, Professor of English and African American studies Anne Cheng honored the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech from 1963. Cheng, a native of Taiwan, shared her own personal view of "living with difference."

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Video feature: Gilens' book details policy influence of the affluent

A decade of research by Princeton Professor Martin Gilens offers a detailed picture of how the affluent have significantly more influence over federal government policy than do low-income or middle-class Americans.  

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Biehl explores consequences of Brazil's constitutional right to health

Princeton University anthropology professor Joćo Biehl has documented the emergence of right-to-health litigation in that country over the past decade. Through visits to courtrooms and clinics to meet patients and record their stories, combined with rigorous evaluation of medical and legal data, Biehl, a native of Brazil, and his research team have created a detailed picture of who sues for treatment and why in this country of about 200 million people and an economy on the rise.

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Close up: Princeton's Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

After Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Northeast this past fall, Princeton University's Pace Center for Civic Engagement organized various efforts to help storm-ravaged communities. The Pace Center's work represents one of the ways Princeton faculty, staff and students assisted individuals affected by the hurricane.

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Video feature: Study of Southern Ocean critical to understanding of climate change

Whether it's the economics of clean energy, the politics of Washington or claims over the severity of the problem itself, the debate over climate change is loud and crowded. One aspect that often goes overlooked is the Southern Ocean ringing Antarctica at the bottom of the globe. But that, says Jorge Sarmiento, is about to change.

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University volunteer firefighters help campus and community

The Princeton Fire Department Associate Member Program allows Princeton University employees to volunteer with the Princeton Fire Department during their work shifts, augmenting the municipality's volunteer ranks during critical daytime hours. The partnership has greatly benefited the Princeton campus and greater community during the past three-plus years.

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