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Friday, April 28, 2017

Featured Stories Archive – December, 2013

Video feature: 'The Pleasure of Learning'

As a liberal arts institution, Princeton University supports research and teaching across a broad range of disciplines both for the good of society and for its community members' personal and intellectual growth. As seen in this video, whether it is the joy of engaging with a professor, being deeply immersed in a book or having a casual study session with friends, the pleasure of learning is experienced in a variety of ways around Princeton's campus.

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Video feature: Radio station brings students, alumni and community together

In addition to their classes and various extracurricular activities, some Princeton University students are dedicating time to operate a 14,000-watt radio station that can be heard from Princeton to parts of New York City, Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del. This video gives an inside look at WPRB and a few of its dedicated staff members.

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Back to nature: Garnet Chan explores quantum roots of chemical reactions

Nature performs remarkable feats of chemistry — enabling, for example, plants to take in sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create their own food, and in the process, pump out oxygen for the rest of the planet. Princeton professor Garnet Chan's goal is to understand how these feats of chemistry take place, by going back to the quantum mechanical roots of the atoms and electrons involved. Such an understanding could lead to building new chemical tools — such as catalysts, which speed up reactions — and perhaps someday to harnessing processes such as photosynthesis for our own energy needs.

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Wimmer masters details to redefine the big picture of conflict

Sociologist Andreas Wimmer and his colleagues amassed and analyzed a database of all 464 major wars fought around the world from 1816 to 2001, allowing him to identify the formation and development of nation-states as an overlooked common thread in conflicts. Wimmer helps students connect the dots in their own work, too, as they seek the best ways to use data in research projects.

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PPPL's 'Star Power' video offers compelling view of lab's research

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory's new informational video, "Star Power," uses dramatic and beautiful images and thought-provoking interviews to explain magnetic fusion and to highlight the importance of the laboratory's research.

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'Discovery: Research at Princeton' highlights University scholarship

Adventure on the high seas. Hunting for planets outside our solar system. Searching through archives for a lost manuscript. These are some of the activities that engage Princeton University researchers and lead to discoveries. These stories and many others are now available in the pages of the University's annual research magazine, "Discovery: Research at Princeton."

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A second chance through Princeton's Prison Teaching Initiative

Two years ago, Reginald Murph was in prison for the second time. Today, he is a sophomore at Rutgers University. He credits Princeton University's Prison Teaching Initiative (PTI) with helping give him a second chance. PTI offers credit-earning college courses to inmates at three New Jersey correctional facilities. More than 70 Princeton faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and alumni volunteer to teach classes in English, mathematics, science and other subjects spanning the liberal arts.

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Searching for bones, finding wisdom within the earth

In the freshman seminar, "Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations," students study how to use global positioning, archaeological technology, geological and geophysical data, and computer programs to seek and examine the buried remnants of lost civilizations. The course included a trip to Cyprus, where students collected data for final presentations about how ancient civilizations altered the landscape and environment — and vice versa.

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