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Friday, April 28, 2017

Film, Video & Still Photography Support


News photographers and film crews

Princeton is a private campus. Film crews and still photographers must obtain authorization to capture images on campus. The University also has image galleries and facilities on campus to assist journalists. The sections below deal with the following topics:

Film and Photo Access

Procedures differ for news and commercial requests. This includes submitting the appropriate authorization forms. In the case of faculty, staff or student involvement for news and documentary purposes, the media relations staff is available to assist at the beginning of the process — including making the request on behalf of the film crew or photographer — or to simply manage the logistics after the campus member's participation is confirmed.

Film crews and still photographers should call the Office of Communications at 609-258-3601 at least 48 hours before their arrival to ensure there is no delay in access and that media visits go smoothly. Faculty, staff and students should notify the media relations staff after agreeing to have a photographer or film crew come to campus to enable our staff to work with media to arrange access to campus. Private areas of campus, including but not limited to student dormitory rooms, may not be used for imaging without permission from the Office of Communications.

University Photographer's Images

Many images captured by the University Photographer are available in photo galleries or by request for use by news organizations. The galleries include portraits of recent newsmakers and assorted campus scenes. If additional photography is needed, please call the Office of Communications at 609-258-3601.

The University Photographer accepts work based on priority, scheduling and fee guidelines. The photographer charges a per-item fee for work created for other University departments, such as digital reproductions, printing and framing, as well as an hourly fee for office consultations and on-site photography.

Restricted Images

Photographers and film crews should be aware of the University's restricted images that are not permitted to be used for any purpose other than University business or non-commercial news or editorial content, whether they are supplied by the University or taken independently. The images include all or recognizable portions of Nassau Hall, Alexander Hall, Blair Hall arch, FitzRandolph Gate and Lewis Library.

Commercial photography, still and/or motion, is not permitted on campus without prior consent. Commercial uses of campus images, in any form including but not limited to advertising and merchandising, require prior consent of the University.

The Princeton logo and shield — as well as photos that include the logo or shield — are reserved for the exclusive use of the University.

Recording Campus Events

Requests from members of the Princeton campus community for video recording of lectures and campus events are handled by Media Services. Recordings of public campus events are available online: