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Friday, April 28, 2017

News Media FAQs

Answers to other frequently asked questions are below.

Where can I obtain statistics about Princeton admission and enrollment, costs and financial aid, academic life, and other general information?

We have numerous websites that contain information that could be of use to you:

How can I receive press releases issued by the University?

The central Office of Communications typically distributes news about major University initiatives, policies and events. Many of the University's active departments and academic units — including the policy school, engineering school and center for the arts — have communications divisions that work with our office but manage their own news release distribution. To receive releases from the Office of Communications, email with the subject line "Add to news release list," and be sure to include your full contact information in the body of the email, including your news organization. To receive releases from:

When can I use the Princeton University name?

When using the Princeton University name other than for news, research or documentary purposes, entities not affiliated with the University — such as commercial firms, vendors, contractors, marketing professionals, institutions and service providers — must adhere to Princeton's guidelines when including references to the institution or its likeness in information intended for electronic or printed publication or dissemination. Questions should be sent to the assistant vice president for communications by emailing

Can I reproduce Princeton news stories?

We encourage media outlets, other organizations and college/university institutions to link to or copy full versions of Princeton news stories including credit as instructed below.

When a byline is embedded and copied with the story: "News provided courtesy of Princeton University Office of Communications."

When a byline is removed from the story: "News, written by [name from byline], is provided courtesy of Princeton University Office of Communications."

Can I be notified about science and technology news at Princeton?

Our office maintains a list of news reporters who receive news releases about the natural, physical and social sciences. Email with the subject line "Add to science list" and be sure to include your full contact information in the body of the email, including your news organization. However, the University's engineering school and the plasma physics laboratory have a separate communications staff to manage media interest for their initiatives, research and pre-eminent faculty. For technology and engineering releases, you should contact the director of the engineering school's communications division directly: For news about the plasma physics lab, email

How can I identify a faculty expert to comment for an article?

For issues of national and international policy, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs maintains offers a Topic Experts Guide online. For the sciences, humanities, social sciences and other general topics, the Office of Communications maintains an internal list of faculty members who have listed their areas of expertise and are available to speak to the news media, and the media relations staff can help facilitate access.

What is the procedure for interviewing students?

Students reserve the right to decide whether to be interviewed. Our policy is not to release student contact information to the press, but rather to forward to the students a reporter's contact information, leaving it to the students to decide whether they want to participate in the interview. Our office will inform students of University policies. For example, to preserve the privacy of all student residents, no members of the news media are permitted in the residential areas of any dormitories.

Do I have to register to cover a campus event?

Many but not all events on campus are open to the public. Events promoted as open to the public generally are open also to the news media. However, registration is often required for events for which seating is expected to be limited, as indicated in press materials for those events. Also, some visiting guests outline preferences for media attendance in their speaking agreements sometimes based on concerns over proprietary material or intellectual property. More information about attending events is available under a full description of media policies.

How can I obtain a photo of a member of the Princeton faculty for news publication?

We have print-ready photos available online. An overall gallery of "Portraits of Recent Newsmakers" includes images of our faculty and staff who are often in the news. Please use the appropriate photo credit included in the "caption text" document on the pages for the individual faculty member.

Can I get general photos or beauty shots of Princeton University?

We have print-ready photos available in galleries online. Please use the appropriate photo credit, Courtesy of Princeton University and the photographer's name indicated. If there is no caption text indicated, please credit: Princeton University Office of Communications.

Do I need permisison to enter campus buildings or facilities?

In general, all media need permission to enter campus facilities. There are site-specific guidelines available online for gaining access to commonly requested locations on campus.

What are the policies for photography and filming on campus?

See the photo and film guidelines online for the policies for TV crews filming for broadcast news and documentary use and for commercial film and video projects. All news, commercial or documentary crews hoping to film on campus must contact the Office of Communications.

Why does the University charge for b-roll film footage of the campus?

For the convenience of crews producing films featuring the campus or members of the University community, we have "b-roll" of various Princeton campus scenes available in beta format for $75. Because of the cost of making the duplicates to respond to the scores of film requests received each year, the fee is a recovery charge.

Where can I obtain background information and/or images for a former student, faculty or staff member no longer at the University?

Our team helps facilitate access to current or recent members of the campus community for reporters, but research into historical information about former members of the campus community is managed by the staff of the University archivist. Contact the staff at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library with these research requests by emailing You also may visit Mudd's website to learn what information and what types of research resources are available.

Will the University contact the parents of a student to locate the student for a news article, especially during the summer?

We are happy to facilitate media access for our students when they are participating as members of our community while on campus, and we may contact them using their University contact information while they are away from campus. However, we cannot know the nature of the relationship between these young adults and their parents, or the students' summer plans. Therefore, we will not forward reporter inquiries to parents.