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Our Initiatives

The Big Class Project 

Participate in a wide range of programs for instructors and students that enhance interaction and explore strategies for learning in large classes.

Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion

Join our project to advance conversations about inclusive teaching practices and culturally responsive learning.

Classrooms for Active Learning

Find out more about on-campus experiments with new teaching technologies and techniques for encouraging student engagement in any classroom.

Online Teaching and Learning

Visit the home of Princeton's initiative in online education which integrates online teaching with on-campus courses and shares free non-credit courses with the world. Start here to sign up for one of the University's expanding set of open online courses.

News & Announcements

Principedia: The Insider's Guide to Learning at Princeton, a new community-sourced wiki of strategies for succeeding in your courses and department, launched on October 3.
Princeton continues to broaden its online teaching and learning efforts and has become a charter member of the edX Consortium.
The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning announces the arrival of Senior Educational Technologist Ben Johnston, and appointment of Sorat Tunkgasiri and Paula Brett to new positions.
The McGraw Center looks forward to supporting this year's awardees as they implement new instructional technology and explore innovative avenues of teaching and assessment.
Congratulations to Rob Nazarian, an Assistant in Instruction in GEO 425, on receiving the 2015 Arnold Guyot Graduate Student Teaching Prize.

Upcoming Events