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English Language Courses and Services

Summer Orientation

The first step in Princeton’s program is the ELP Summer Orientation. This is a three-day voluntary program, held the week before academic classes begin. The purpose of this program is to help students feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English.

In classes, students practice English language skills and learn about the American university system.  The orientation is open to all incoming international graduate students regardless of their level of proficiency in English.


Students will participate in approximately three hours of class time weekly.  Our courses are designed to help students gain confidence in speaking English in an academic setting.  Courses focus on improving fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, and vocabulary.  Students participate in a variety of communicative activities including recorded presentations.


Students will attend regular one-on-one tutorials with their instructor to work on presentation skills and pronunciation.

The Conversation Partner Program (CPP)

International graduate students who test into the ELP have an opportunity to meet weekly with an undergraduate partner for one hour per week.  The purpose of the program is to offer graduate students fluency practice, and to familiarize them with the culture of undergraduates at Princeton.