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For Faculty

The McGraw Center is the central resource for faculty who seek to enhance their teaching at Princeton. With the expansion of McGraw in September 2013, the Center now offers a robust and integrated platform of resources and expertise that extends from pedagogy and learning to educational technologies and video production.

Programs and services currently offered for faculty include:

  • Pedagogy workshops and programs that introduce current research on teaching and student learning.  Discussions are led by Princeton faculty and/or by our professional staff, including our Educational Technologies staff, who provide training on new and emerging technologies that support innovation in all areas of teaching and learning
  • One-on-one instructional consultations to discuss specific teaching challenges or new techniques. Consultations often include a class observation and detailed feedback and advice to address pedagogical challenges
  • Resources for developing online courses and teaching in online environments.  More than one million students have enrolled in the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by Princeton faculty.  Our faculty are also using online teaching tools to experiment with teaching their Princeton students by a method known as 'flipping' the class.  Jeff Himpele is the point of contact for faculty interested in these initiatives
  • For new junior faculty, the McGraw Center runs New Faculty Orientation on behalf of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and the Office of the Dean of the College.  This half-day session offers an opportunity to meet faculty and administrators at Princeton and get advice on acclimating to departmental culture, publishing, grant-writing, and teaching at Princeton
  • Our Teaching Conversations in the Residential Colleges bring together faculty from across divisions and departments and provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and ideas among peers.  These conversations are co-sponsored by the McGraw Center and the Residential Colleges
  • The McGraw Center provides the Mentoring Fund to support faculty teaching large courses in their work with graduate student AIs.  The fund is intended to cover the costs of refreshments during weekly mentoring meetings at which faculty and AIs discuss current teaching questions and challenges
  • The McGraw Center has also created a virtual library of Online Resources that includes a video gallery of lecturing modes and formats, tip-sheets relevant for various aspects of teaching, and our blog, The Scholar as Teacher

Explore the links to the left to find out more about each of these opportunities. Appointments may be made with McGraw staff members by e-mailing or calling 8-2575.