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Online Courses and Learning Environments

To meet Princeton's mission of teaching excellence and its curricular priorities, the McGraw Center works closely with faculty to create online courses that have a variety of connections with on-campus courses. These online materials include a range of interactive assignments for individuals or groups, such as programing assignments, problem-solving, peer-reviewed writing, quizzes and exams, and creative projects. As interactive learning environments, online course sites can be defined by whether enrollment in the course is open to the world and all of the learning activities take place online (e.g. MOOCs) or whether the course is open only to enrolled students at Princeton and the site is integrated with an on-campus course. In some cases, courses combine these environments.   

The McGraw Center is the University's home for its online teaching and learning initiative. The Center's Online Learning team integrates a group of online course designers and video producers who work closely with faculty on the entire process of online teaching, from design and production to the delivery of material through online course environments. Our pedagogical experts also work closely with faculty on strategies for connecting their online environments to their Princeton classes and designing related classroom activities for their students. The McGraw Center coordinates the contributions of related offices on campus and manages the operations and partnerships with online platform providers. We consult with faculty on the development of proposals for projects that incorporate online and interactive learning.

Faculty members interested in developing an online course or experimenting with these innovative teaching environments should begin the process by consulting Jeff Himpele, Director for Teaching Initiatives and Programs or Laura Shaddock, Associate Director for Online Learning.