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Teaching Conversations in the Residential Colleges

The lunchtime "Teaching Conversations in the Residential Colleges" series is co-hosted by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning and the Residential Colleges. These workshops bring together faculty from across divisions and departments and provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge and ideas among peers. The suite of topics below reflects areas of interest that have been identified by our faculty fellows and other faculty colleagues.  While each is discrete, together they have the potential to nest and overlap in ways that encourage ongoing conversation. We hope to see you soon and often around the lunch table!

Lisa Herschbach, Director
McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning
Associate Dean of the College

Jeff Himpele, Director
Teaching Initiatives and Programs
McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning


2015 Program


Creating an Inclusive Classroom

How do you design your classes to enable all of your students to succeed? Students arrive at Princeton with a wide spectrum of intellectual and social experiences that may unevenly prepare them for coursework across the curriculum. Furthermore, students may begin your class with a conception of themselves as inherently capable of flourishing in some disciplines but not in others, a mindset which might limit their academic success. We all know students who say they are "not math people" and we see others quietly disengage from a risky discussion of ambiguities in a text. This lunchtime discussion opens a conversation among faculty colleagues to share how we view the range of our students' academic strengths and how we can surface their tacit learning preferences. Whatever differences our students bring to us, then, how might we encourage all of our students to discover their potential for intellectual dexterity and engagement in an academic setting? What diverse paths to learning can we design for coursework and class meetings?

Alongside the Special Task Force initiated by the President and the CPUC around diversity, inclusion and equity, this conversation provides opportunities for faculty to consider these issues in the context of their own teaching.
Tuesday, February 17, 12:00-1:20 p.m., Wu Private Dining Room

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