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The Scholar As Teacher

A Tip-Sheet Series from McGraw

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The McGraw Center publishes a series of teaching tips for instructors throughout the academic year. This series addresses perennial teaching concerns, such as how to engage a large lecture class and what to do when class discussion stalls, as well as tips on advising independent work and mentoring graduate students.


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Video Lecture Gallery

Below you will find examples of a number of lecture formats that can be recorded on a computer, in the classroom, or at the Broadcast Center studio.  We recommend you browse several examples from the gallery to get a feel for the different formats, and the ways in which multiple formats can be combined within a lecture.  

Classroom and Screen Capture Lectures

Broadcast Center Studio Lectures

Essays on Teaching Excellence

Essays on Teaching Excellence is an annual series of short scholarly essays on teaching concerns from avoiding student plagiarism to teaching methods of inquiry.

Written in concise and non-technical language and supported by current research, the essays on Teaching Excellence will assist instructors to reflect upon and refine their practice of teaching to achieve the results they seek — students learning to the best of their abilities.”