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Mid-Career Fellowship Program

The Mid-Career Fellowship Program is an agreement between Princeton and a number of New Jersey community college partners that enables faculty in the middle of their careers to undertake advanced study and participate in a specially designed program aimed at professional development. Fellows have a chance to take a break from heavy teaching loads and administrative responsibilities and to rekindle their scholarly and teaching lives through this program.

The Mid-Career Fellowship Program allows chosen faculty from participating New Jersey community colleges to:

  • Enroll at a premier university to further cultivate their understanding of the subjects they teach
  • Consult with distinguished scholars in a variety of fields
  • Study with other community college instructors interested in enhancing their teaching and furthering their knowledge of their discipline
  • Become part of a unique academic community
  • Faculty and Administrators who have taught full-time between 8-20 years
  • Candidates must have taught a minimum of 4 years at the sending institution
  • Candidates should hold an advanced degree in a discipline taught at Princeton
Course Work

Fellows may take one or two courses per semester in their own or related disciplines for a letter grade, Pass/Fail, or as an audit throughout the academic year. In addition, they may attend, informally, any additional courses for which they have the time and to which they are admitted by the instructor. Certain courses are restricted and not open to enrollment by fellows, including Writing Seminars, Freshman Seminars, introductory language classes and any course that requires application for admission. Transcripts indicating the course grade(s) earned during the fellowship are prepared upon request by the Princeton Registrar.

The Fellows Seminar

Faculty participants meet monthly in a Fellows Seminar that focuses on issues of classroom teaching and current issues in higher education. The emphasis is on the practical application of pedagogy and concrete day-to-day problems. Fellows engage in research on a topic of their choosing in alignment with their home institution’s mission and relevant to their teaching. In addition, Fellows participate in workshops conducted by Princeton’s Writing Program designed to guide the process of drafting and revising a scholarly research paper.  Papers are submitted at the conclusion of the program in May and made available electronically on the McGraw Center website; abstracts are also available online in a digital yearbook. The Fellows Seminar is not taken for credit.