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What Fellows are saying about the Mid-Career Fellowship Program:


Brian Altano, 2012-2013 Fellow Humanities, Bergen Community College

The Mid-Career Fellowship offers the opportunity to interact with colleagues in a stimulating seminar atmosphere directed by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. The experience is refreshing, invigorating, and memorable.


Christine Pipitone-Herron, 2012-2013 Fellow English, Raritan Valley Community College

The Princeton University Mid-Career Fellowship Program was the most invigorating and transformative professional development experience of my career. I will return to my campus with ideas to last me for years.


Saul Kelton, 2012-2013 Fellow Psychology and Philosophy, Middlesex County Community College

My time as a Fellow has been intellectually fruitful and personally rewarding. My enthusiasm for 
philosophy and scholarship has blossomed anew, as a fragrant and delicate  flower does in the warmth of the sun in spring.

Carol Friend, 2011-2012 Fellow Sociology & Linguistics, Mercer County Community College

Attending the Mid-Career Fellows Program at Princeton University has been a life changing experience in my professional life. I learned that there is an important intersection between economic policy and public policy issues in education. As an educator, I rarely considered this before my coursework and my research project. I will take my experiences and knowledge back to my college feeling revitalized and intellectually nourished. I am grateful for the opportunity to study at one of the best Universities in the world. I am sad to be leaving. 

Christopher Gazzara, 2011-2012 Fellow English, Burlington County College

The MCFP resuscitated my academic vigor, but not in some dreamy, atmospheric sense. The seminars were challenging but comforting, uniting us all in manic goodwill. The opportunity to sit in on Dr. Carol Greenhouse's Political Anthropology course was a thrill, for it attuned me to students who exhibit the same academic challenges and successes as my own. CC faculty can benefit from such exposure, and thanks to the MCFP for providing the chance.


Donna Vassallo, 2011-2012 Fellow Business, Atlantic Cape Community College

This Mid-Career Fellowship opportunity came at the most appropriate time for me, as I consider myself in my 'mid-career' stage. I am walking away from this experience with a better understanding of my role as a community college educator, including a renewed passion for teaching and a heightened interest in student engagement. As much as I will miss my cohort of Fellows, I am excited to get back in the classroom!


Carol Bork, 2009-2010 Fellow English, Mercer County Community College

The Mid-Career Fellowship was a singular opportunity—a highlight of my academic career. Both of my classes were wonderful. The professor of my “Contemporary Fiction” class offered lively lectures and an intense, thought-provoking precept. He is quite dedicated to teaching, and I discovered that he has devoted significant thought to his own pedagogy. My other course, “Gender and the Rise of the Novel in Europe,” was simply spectacular—one of the most amazing and productive semesters I have spent in any classroom in my long history as a student. Both professors were very generous in talking with me about my project, and those conversations, along with their exemplary teaching, contributed significantly to my new thinking about teaching literature.


Janet Lansinger, 2009-2010 Fellow Chemistry, Middlesex County College

I just wanted to tell you about my visit to campus (Princeton University) today. I visited the chemistry building and met my professor for Organic Chemistry II/ Biological Emphasis. After that, I had a long and useful conversation with the chemistry undergraduate administrator. Next, I found the professor who will be teaching my Metals in Biology course this spring. Finally, I spent a very productive half hour with the professor who runs the organic chemistry labs, and I got the go-ahead to attend the lab prep sessions with his graduate teaching assistants. This program is wonderful!


Leah Ghiradella, 2007-2008 Fellow English, Middlesex County College

After seven years of teaching english at Middlesex County College as a tenured professor, I was looking forward to my fall 2007 sabbatical as a Mid-Career Fellow at Princeton, but I didn’t realize then how intellectually stimulating and valuable the program would be. Our fellows’ seminar introduced me to twelve colleagues from community colleges throughout New Jersey, most of whom I would never have met had it not been for the program. These professors – of disciplines as diverse as art, english, ESL, business, math, economics, and accounting – shared their years of experience, their pedagogy, and their wisdom at bimonthly sessions. My course paper on my role as advisor to Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College, and PTK’s positive effect on the mature (returning) female student, was a worthy undertaking and a paper with which I’m pleased. Equally important to my intellectual renewal was the course I took: English 363 American Literature of the Twentieth Century. During our weekly precept and biweekly lectures, the professor delivered animated, detailed, and complex lectures. I read – and reread – twelve works, some of which I had never read in my years as a professor, each as revealing, demanding, and fascinating as the next. Never have I worked so hard on any course, undergraduate or graduate, and never have I so thoroughly enjoyed a literature course.