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News & Highlights

The McGraw Center provides academic support to Princeton students at every point in their academic careers. We can be particularly helpful during the freshman transition, when advice from experienced students can make all the difference.
Princeton Professor of Music Daniel Trueman will offer the course "Reinventing the Piano," on Kadenze, an online learning platform specifically created to support the arts and creative technologies. The course introduces a new instrument called the Prepared Digital Piano.
Princeton's Council on Science and Technology and the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning expanded the local reach of the institute by hosting a workshop for senior University administrators directly involved with undergraduate education to discuss how practices introduced during the summer institute could be applied at Princeton.
The McGraw Center looks forward to supporting this year's awardees as they implement new instructional technology and explore innovative avenues of teaching and assessment.
The Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning works to develop recommendations for setting strategic priorities and guiding Princeton's approach to online instruction.