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Free Advice on Learning from Midterms

Undergraduates, you spent a lot of time preparing for your midterm exams.  They are behind you, and you are now enjoying some important down-time during the fall break.  But don’t lose this opportunity to learn everything you can from your exam-taking experiences. McGraw is here to help.  Our tip-sheet will guide you through four steps to take to ensure that your midterms, no matter how well you did on them, offer an opportunity to firm up the foundation of your learning.  Our Midterm Reflection Workshop on November 7 will also enable you to take stock of your test results in constructive ways.  We’ll get you ready to dive into the second half of the semester with enthusiasm and confidence.  Bring your returned exams to a learning consultation to discuss not only how you performed, but also how you prepared.  If you didn't meet your expectations this is a great time to evaluate your approach with a consultant and make adjustments.  Hope to see you soon and often at our academic strategies workshops and learning consultations.