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Study Hall Experiment


In an effort to learn more about the ideal spaces in which to offer interactive, small-group course support, we have temporarily moved the Study Halls to the multipurpose rooms in the basement of the Frist Student Center.  These open and expansive rooms allow for greater movement of our tutors between and among groups of students, and offer students more space to spread out, talk with one another, and share ideas as they problem-solve. 

We are keen to hear from students and tutors about their experiences learning and teaching in the MPR rooms, and in our more traditional seminar rooms. Our staff always seeks to know more about the most effective way to organize tutoring. To that end, we've created surveys which we'll distribute to participants; as always, rest assured that the information will be used only for evaluative purposes and will not include any individual identifiers. You'll find our policy on data usage here.  We'll report what we learn early in the spring term; questions and suggestions are welcome in the meantime. Send us an email!

There is ample signage in Frist directing you to the new locations. You'll also find a schedule below. Note: on dates not included here the Study Halls will be held in their former locations.

11/10: Frist MPR A&B

11/11: Frist MPR A&C

11/13: Frist MPR A&C

11/17: Frist MPR A&B

11/18: Frist MPR A & Frist 330

11/19: Frist MPR B & Frist 330

12/1: Frist MPR A&B

12/2: Frist MPR A & Frist 330

12/3: Frist MPR B & Frist 330

12/8: Frist MPR B & Frist 330

12/9: Frist MPR A&C

12/10: Frist MPR A,B&C

12/11: Frist MPR A&C