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Teaching Technologies


The Educational and Classroom Technologies (ECT) group in the McGraw Center exists to foster the purposeful application of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning through innovative and effective use of educational technology. The ECT group designs, develops, implements, and maintains an educational technology infrastructure to encourage the thoughtful evaluation of technology for pedagogical advancement.
We believe that good technologies for teaching and learning are rooted in the same principles as sound pedagogy, encouraging creativity, exploration, discovery, and collaboration. Learning is informed by the spaces in which it takes place. The ECT group seeks to model flexible learning spaces to facilitate different teaching and learning styles, encourage communication, and enhance the learning experience.

The Educational and Classroom Technologies group offers:

  • Consultation related to the exploration, development, and adoption of new teaching tools and technologies for teaching and learning.
  • Expertise in the development of technology-enhanced learning spaces
  • Information about emerging technologies and digital pedagogies
  • Training in learning-centered technologies
  • Programming related to current topics in educational technology

Question about our Teaching Technologies?  Contact us:

Messages sent to this address will typically be responded to within 48 hours.

The phone number for the Lab is (609)-258-6073.

Urgent requests or questions should be directed to (609) 258-2575