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McGraw for Undergraduates

Research shows that expert learners approach texts and problems differently than novices. They engage readings primed to pick out key ideas and arguments, to think about implications and to plan next steps. They chunk information and categorize problems according to tested strategies developed to conceptualize and to solve them. We here at McGraw translate insights from this research on learning and cognition into practical approaches to help Princeton undergraduates become more powerful, productive and independent learners. With practice and support, students at all levels can cultivate these academic skills and adopt new strategies and habits of mind.

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers workshops and individual consultations to support Princeton undergraduates as they take on new academic challenges and develop as learners. 

At McGraw, students learn how to:

  • manage a challenging reading load
  • engage with key concepts from the reading and remember them
  • problem-solve successfully
  • balance work and life with good self-regulation skills
  • identify learning preferences and study with those in mind
  • take effective notes and create study tools
  • prepare for precepts and exams
  • overcome test anxiety and procrastination
  • plan for large projects such as the JP or senior thesis
  • give strong oral presentations

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