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For Undergraduate Students

Research shows that expert learners approach texts and problems differently than novices. They engage readings primed to pick out key ideas and arguments, to think about implications and to plan next steps. They chunk information and categorize problems according to tested strategies developed to conceptualize and to solve them. Our programs translate insights from this research on learning and cognition into practical approaches to help Princeton undergraduates become more powerful, productive and independent learners. With practice and support, students at all levels can cultivate these academic skills and adopt new strategies and habits of mind.

Programs and services currently offered for undergraduate students include:

  • Academic Strategies Workshops.  Hands-on, active, and processes focused workshops in which students learn and apply strategies designed expressly for the Princeton University Context. We offer a regular calendar of options as well as a by request system where we can work with colleges, student groups, and departments to tailor workshops to their specific groups. 
  • Learning Strategies Consultations. Students develop personalized approaches to their learning by working one-on-one with a trained student or staff consultant. Consultants advise students on many topics concerning their course work, independent work, and/or general learning and time-management practices. 
  • Group Study Hall and Individual Tutoring. Offered four nights and one afternoon a week during the semester for several large enrollment STEM or Quantitative courses.  Our trained peer tutors support students active grappling with content and problems, and facilitate reflection upon their approaches to learning. Students are prompted to explain their understandings, explicate their reasoning processes and procedures, assess their competency, identify gaps in their expertise, and practice transferring their knowledge and skills to complex, multi-faceted problems like those found on Princeton exams. 
  • Principedia.  A new interactive wiki "encyclopedia" of knowledge about effective learning in Princeton Courses.  Course articles are created and edited by students and discuss the learning challenges and developed strategies.  Visit
  • Peer Educators. The students on the ground working as tutors and consultants.  Peer educators are highly trained and very aware of the processes involved in learning and the challenges of being a Princeton student. Consider becoming a tutor or learning consultant at McGraw. 

Explore the links to the left to find out more about each of these programs and services.  Appointments may be made with McGraw staff members by e-mailing or calling 8-2575.

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