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Learning Strategies Consultations

Consultants (undergraduate and graduate students) from a variety of disciplines are trained to collaborate with you to develop an individualized approach to learning which draws upon your unique profile of strengths and is tailored to the specific demands of each of your courses. Individual consultations focus on designing a strategic approach to learning that enables you to make the most of lectures, precepts, and readings. Meet with a consultant early in the semester in order to manage the academic demands of the entire semester.

We routinely advise students at all levels on:

  • self-regulation and time management
  • avoiding perfectionism and overcoming procrastination
  • dealing with large projects
  • engaged and active reading
  • advanced problem-solving
  • effective note-taking
  • exam preparation
  • crafting compelling presentations
  • and even more


Make an Appointment

Prior to making an appointment, you must complete this pre-consultation form.

Click here to sign up for a one hour, one-to-one session in the McGraw Center. 

Can't find a time that fits your schedule?  Click here to send a message with your available times in the coming week.



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Consultant Profiles

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