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Learning Consultant Profiles

Nic Voge

My background is in the field of university reading and learning and what is called achievement motivation. I investigate and analyze the unique educational expectations of elite research universities such as Princeton. Recognizing the variety and complexity of learning demands students encounter when studying in different disciplines and courses, much of my work focuses on assisting students as they adjust and adapt to unfamiliar learning situations. When working with students I account for each student’s strengths and the specific tasks they face. I also frequently work with students on issues of motivation and engagement and helping them understand and overcome challenges such as procrastination by using motivation theory and various techniques, including but not limited to, time management methods.


Lindsay Eysenbach

Hi all, I'm Lindsay Eysenbach, a junior from just outside of Boston.  I'm in the Woodrow Wilson School and pursuing a certificate in Global Health.  However, I'm also pre-med, so I've taken a broad range of natural science, social science, and humanities classes (and learned lots about different teaching and learning styles in the process)!  I'm also an RCA in Mathey (best residential college) and I run varsity cross country and track.  I'm excited to be working for McGraw this year, and hope I can share my experiences maintaining balance within the orange bubble.


Christopher Gordon
¡Hola! I’m Chris, class of 2015 and a proud member of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. Aside from completing my many problem sets, I’m a member of Engineers Without Borders, Club Archery and various Campus Ministries. My interests also include taking pictures, playing piano and reading manga. Given my major, I happen to have taken most of the introductory science and math courses on offer here at Princeton. From these I bring a wealth of accumulated knowledge on how to not only to cope but to excel in these types of courses. I offer you a safe space to critically think about your approach to learning here and to carefully strategize on how to take full advantage of your Princeton experience. I love listening; asking questions and synthesizing information; I’m looking forward to working with you to realize your potential!


Lindsey Heigh

My name is Lindsey Heigh and I’m a junior from Fairfax, Virginia. I am majoring in the Sociology department and pursuing a certificate in the Program in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, in addition to being a McGraw consultant, I am on the women’s soccer team, a member of the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) Student Advisory Board, and a member of University Cottage Club. Learning to navigate Princeton and taking a huge variety of classes has exposed me to many different academic experiences and challenges, and being an athlete has given me insight into the difficult but rewarding balance of academics and athletics. I am interested in the unique culture of Princeton and its academic structure, as well as the diverse ways that students work. I am excited to collaborate with other students to figure out the best ways to succeed both academically and otherwise!


Theresa Meyer

Hey there! I’m Theresa and I’m a junior from Durham, North Carolina. I’m currently majoring in Computer Science as a B.S.E. student and am also working to fulfill pre-med requirements. As someone who has switched from B.S.E. to A.B. and back and considered quite a few concentrations, I have an array of knowledge about different types of courses at Princeton. Along with being a McGraw Consultant, I’m an EMT, co-President of the Women in Science Colloquium (we host informal dinner discussions with female scientists), an Outdoor Action leader, a member of the 2 Dickinson street co-op, and a Student Technology Consultant. With such varied activities and academics, I have adapted to a wide array of demands and know how to get the most out of prerequisite classes and distribution requirements. I really enjoy helping other students practice effective time management, learn to work more efficiently, and figure out how to get the most out of the classes they’re taking. I want to help students develop their own personalized strategies and techniques to reach their full potential. I love the McGraw center and I hope I get the chance to share my experiences with you!

Pavithra Vijauakumar

Hi guys, I’m Pavithra and I’m a junior from New York. I’m premed and concentrating in Woodrow Wilson School, with a certificate in the Global Health and Health Policy program. I started training as a McGraw Consultant in Spring 2013, and I’ve been tutoring high school students for a few semesters. I am also president of the South Asian Students Association, layout director for Tiger Magazine, a volunteer at the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, and a member of Terrace Club. I’ve taken courses ranging from big science lectures to small philosophy lectures, and through McGraw I’ve become interested in developing different strategies to meet the diverse needs of these courses. I also like to focus on time management, especially the difficulty of balancing schoolwork, extracurriculars, and other parts of life. McGraw has helped me find this balance, and I hope we’ll be able to help you too!


Nick Williams

Hey everyone, I'm Nick, a junior in the History department with certificates in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies.  Aside from working at the McGraw Center, I am also an archivist in Rare Books and Special Collections in Firestone Library, where I work on manuscripts from some of the greatest literary figures of the 20th century mostly (since that is my specialty in History).  I'm also Independent and live off-campus and balance living a life separate from Princeton, cooking (and writing my second cookbook), 20+ hours of work a week, 600+ pages of reading a week, plenty of hanging out with friends, and 9 hours of sleep a night so needless to say, I've worked a lot on time management and I'm here to help you figure out how to get the most out of your classes and your Princeton experience in general.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you figure this crazy place out! 


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