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Learning Consultant Profiles

Nic Voge

Nic Voge, Associate Director, Undergraduate Learning Program photo
My background is in the field of university reading and learning and what is called achievement motivation. I investigate and analyze the unique educational expectations of elite research universities such as Princeton. Recognizing the variety and complexity of learning demands students encounter when studying in different disciplines and courses, much of my work focuses on assisting students as they adjust and adapt to unfamiliar learning situations. When working with students I account for each student’s strengths and the specific tasks they face. I also frequently work with students on issues of motivation and engagement and helping them understand and overcome challenges such as procrastination by using motivation theory and various techniques, including but not limited to, time management methods.

Haider Abbas

Haider Abbas, Learning Consultant photo
Coming into Princeton as an international student from Lahore, Pakistan I am aware of the academic adjustment and steep learning curve that Princeton poses for its undergraduates. To share my experiences and help fellow Princetonians develop effective learning methodologies, I am delighted to have joined the McGraw Learning Consultants team. 
I am a junior majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School, with a certificate in Finance. I am also an undergraduate fellow at the Julius Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance. Other than these, my academic interests are French, Philosophy and Sufism. On campus I am the President of Pehchaan, the Pakistani Students Organization. I am a member of club soccer, the running club and an avid Polo player.   
McGraw served as a great resource for me during my initial years and helped me find a balance amongst different aspects of college life. I am excited to serve on the team and work with all of you to make your Princeton experience a more fruitful and productive one!  

Emily Adler

Emily Adler, Learning Consultant photo
Hi Everyone!  I'm Emily Adler, a senior majoring in chemistry working towards the Teacher Preparation certificate.  In addition to chemistry and education, I have an interest in public health.  I'm from Cleveland (go Cavs!) but I now live in Boston.  In my free time, I enjoy playing harp, going on runs with friends, and being a Residential College Advisor in Mathey College (the best residential college).  I'm really looking forward to working in McGraw this year.  If I ever have food leftover from an RCA study break, I'll bring it to my consultations!

Jalisha Braxton

Jalisha Braxton, Learning Consultant photo
Hey everyone! I'm Jalisha Braxton, a current Psychology major from Dover, Delaware pursing certificates in Neuroscience and Teacher Preparation. One of my primary interests in the field of psychology is how the brain learns, and so I'm really excited to be working for McGraw this year! On campus, I am involved with Students for Education Reform (SFER), the Princeton Black Student Union (BSU), Princeton Faith & Action (PFA), and am currently the Vice-President of the Princeton HighSteppers. I'm completely aware of how difficult it can be to balance school with a million extra curricular activities, so feel free to meet with me if you're seeking advice on managing your time here at Princeton! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all :)

Isaiah Brown

Isaiah Brown, Learning Consultant photo
Hi!  I'm Isaiah Brown, a senior majoring in Operations Research and Financial Engineering and the captain of the lightweight rowing team. I'm from Ipswich, Massachusetts and went to high school in New Hampshire.  In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing FIFA, and being a Peer Academic Advisor in Mathey College. As a varsity athlete, I am constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient and productive while at Princeton and want to work with you to help you find ways to rethink your strategies and achieve your goals.

Natalia Cordova

Natalia Cordova, Learning Consultant photo
Hello! My name is Natalia and I’m a graduate student in the Neuroscience program. Through both my research as well as precepting for Neuroscience and Psychology courses, I’ve become very interested in the process of learning. I’m super happy to be working as a learning consultant at McGraw and am looking forward to helping you come up with strategies that set you up for getting the most out of your time here at Princeton. I’m also an RGS at Wilson College so if you see me at Wilcox, definitely say hi! Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you in a consultation.

Emely DeJesus

Emely DeJesus, Learning Consultant photo
Hi! My name is Emely DeJesus and I am junior right here from the great state of New Jersey! I am a pre-med majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and am also pursuing a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. In addition to being a McGraw Learning Consultant, I am also a Peer Academic Adviser in Butler College, a member of the Aquinas Institute-Princeton's Catholic Campus Ministry, and am a volunteer in the pharmacy at my local hospital. With my commitments and rigorous pre-med schedule, I’m constantly looking for ways to effectively and efficiently time manage while still learning as much as I can and still finding time to sleep! I’d love to talk and help you work out personal strategies that will help you find a successful school/work/life balance for your Princeton career! 

Raven DeRamus

Raven DeRamus, Learning Consultant photo
  Hi! I'm Raven, a senior from Alabama. After spending nearly four years here, I have experienced just about all of the ups and downs that can exist on this campus. I've changed my mind and my major more than once, but I am finally settled on English, with certificates in African-American Studies and Teacher Preparation. Hopefully, what I've learned from my experiences as a teacher and as a student can help you become the learner you want to be! 
Each year here has been a different monster for me, so feel free to stop by and talk about any and everything about being a student on this campus, from managing independent work to juggling extracurriculars to maintaining a social life.
The McGraw Learning Center has been an amazing resource for me throughout my time here, and I am so excited to be on the other side of the table and help you strategize! 

Nadia Diamond

Nadia Diamond, Learning Consultant photo
Hi!  I’m Nadia and I am a junior in the History department pursuing a certificate in Theater. My favorite activities on campus include being a member of the Women’s Mentorship Program, acting in department or student-directed productions, dancing in Naacho, going to guest lectures, getting enough sleep, and relaxing with friends.  Having taken a gap year before coming to Princeton, I know what it’s like to feel rusty coming back to academic work, and would be happy to talk about how to ease that transition as best as possible, even if your “time off” was just summer vacay! I have taken a variety of courses in the humanities, and can definitely speak to the struggle of balancing extracurricular passions with academic interests.  I look forward to getting to know you in consultation, take it easy!

Hiba Elbuluk

Hiba Elbuluk, Learning Consultant photo
Hi! I'm Hiba, a current architecture major with an interest in urban planning and spatial design. I'm very excited to be a part of the McGraw team this year, as I feel that each year of Princeton presents its own challenges that can make transition difficult, and if I can help ease those transitions in any way I'm more than happy to do so. College really is a special and formative time for the development and understanding of ourselves, and with that comes the task of overcoming a lot of obstacles from time and stress management to study habits. I hope that through my consultations I'm able to help you navigate your challenges and leave with a positive outlook and action plan on moving forward.

Kristin Goehl

Kristin Goehl, Learning Consultant photo

Hello! I’m Kristin, a senior from Princeton, Massachusetts. I’m studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering and hoping to someday apply OR principles to the health care system. I’m also pursuing certificates in Finance, Applications of Computing, and Engineering and Management Systems. While most of my coursework is related to ORFE, I also enjoy studying music and literature, and have experience in courses across many disciplines. 

When I’m not in class or studying, you can find me playing piccolo in the Band or singing with Kindred Spirit a cappella. I’m also involved with Princeton Evangelical Fellowship and work as a Student Technology Consultant. With my busy schedule, I’m always working to find the right school/work/life balance. I’d love the opportunity to work with you to discover strategies that help you excel at Princeton in all areas, from the classroom to your extracurriculars.

Sheon Han

Sheon Han photo
(Away Spring 2016)  Hi! My name is Sheon and I am a junior studying Philosophy and pursuing certificates in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. While I would love to speak about pursuing a broad-based education in both liberal arts and science, we can also talk about courses in social science such as economics and politics since I initially declared my major in the Woodrow Wilson School.
On campus, I am currently the founding president of Princeton Culinarians (Princeton's first experimental cooking club) and an officer in Speak with Style (Public speaking club). I also have written and taken photographs for Spoon University (Online food publication) and contributed articles to the Daily Princetonian.

McGraw was not only a great academic resource but taught me how to have a positive and healthy mindset. Coming from Korea and having taken two gap years to serve in the army, I know that Princeton could be a tough place. So I would love to share how I eased the transition and found my place here. I really look forward to meeting you all and discuss balancing academic work and extracurricular interests while getting the most out of this wonderful place at the same time.

Jiyoon Kim

Jiyoon Kim, Learning Consultant photo
Hi! I’m Jiyoon, a junior in the East Asian Studies department pursuing certificates in Applications of Computing and Translation and Intercultural Communication. My primary academic interests lie in language studies (including that of computer languages!) and literature. Outside of academics, I am currently the president of HighSteppers, an executive board member of the Korean American Student Association, and a member of various pre-law groups on campus. I know firsthand how scary it can be to venture out of your comfort zone academically and otherwise, and I would love to help you feel more comfortable doing so!

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson, Learning Consultant photo
Hi all! My name is Andrew, and I am a junior studying philosophy and intellectual history in the German department, with certificates in Values and Public Life, French, and European Cultural Studies. When I'm not napping in that weird time in between afternoon seminars and dinner or working with students at McGraw, you can find me conferencing with students in the Writing Center, playing the saxophone, or helping out at the PACE Center for Civic Engagement. I'm also an RCA in Forbes College for the 2014-2015 school year.
I've taken a lot of - and struggled with a lot of - reading intensive courses, beginning with the Humanities Sequence my freshman year, but I'm most looking forward to is sitting down and talking with you about your experiences, and developing individualized solutions along the path that conversation takes us. Having these conversations at McGraw has helped me tremendously, and I hope you find McGraw helpful, too!

Sophia Robertson-Lavalle

I am very happy to have joined the McGraw Learning Consultant team and look forward to meeting and working with you to create efficient and effective learning strategies! 
Here’s a bit about me: I am originally from Argentina but now live in New Jersey about an hour north of Princeton. I am studying Chemical and Biological Engineering, concentrating in Biotechnology, but am also very interested in French and the intersection between technology and society. As for extracurriculars, I am involved in various community service initiatives, am the captain of the Ski Team, a Peer Academic Adviser, and a member of the Alumni Student Ambassador Program and Sympoh (the breaking dancing group on campus!).
Balancing challenging schoolwork with extracurriculars has been far from easy, but with the help of McGraw I have been on a path of continuous improvement since freshman year. I would love to share that which I have learned and hope that you too will decide to make McGraw a part of your Princeton career!

Hannah Vester

Hannah Vester, Learning Consultant photo
(Away Spring 2016)  Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m a junior from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. I’m majoring in Politics and pursuing certificates in Political Economy and Near Eastern Studies, although if I could fill my whole course load with language classes, I probably would. Outside of being a Learning Consultant, I also work as a tutor for McGraw Study Hall, volunteer with the Petey Greene Program, and am an Orange Key tour guide. In my free time, I love hanging out with my friends and going for runs.
I came to Princeton after participating in the Bridge Year Program in India, so I had a long break from academics before starting here and remember how difficult it can be to adjust. Whether you are a freshman and completely new to Princeton or you want to improve on strategies you’ve already developed here, I look forward to meeting you and discussing how Princeton can be the best possible experience for you. 

Nicole Wang

Nicole Wang, Learning Consultant photo
Hi! I am a junior in the molecular biology department, pursuing a certificate in global health and health policy. I was born in China but raised in the great white north of Edmonton, Canada. At Princeton, my time is split between learning the intricate details of life in my biology classes and researching the molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis in my research lab. When I am not in classes or lab, you can find me tutoring/conducting learning consultations in McGraw or volunteering with Ascend Hospice. My experience at Princeton has challenged me to pursue and fall in love with subjects ranging from WWII history to civil engineering. I have been so fortunate to be able to engage in conversations with professors and peers who are endlessly knowledgeable and passionate about their fields of interest. I look forward to further expanding my breadth of knowledge and fostering the life-long friendships I have made in this crazy beautiful place.

Asanni York

Asanni York, Learning Consultant photo
I'm Asanni York, and I'm a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. My focus is on race, ethnicity, and discrimination specifically, and I will be receiving certificates in both African American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. I am currently the President of The Order of Black Male Excellence, an intern at the Carl A. Field Center, a tutor for the College Counseling Project, and Regional Director for BLOC. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become acclimated with Princeton's workload!

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