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McGraw Study Hall@Frist*

*McGraw tutoring is not offered during reading and exam periods. McGraw tutoring will resume the second week of the spring term. 

Spring 2015

For free group tutoring in quantitative problem-solving courses, visit the McGraw Study Hall @Frist, open 7:30-10:30 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday evenings for students in introductory level chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics and politics, and psychology. Located on the third floor of the Frist Campus Center (come to room #330), it’s a great place to join peers in your course and work together as a group, going over problem sets and concepts with the help of McGraw’s trained and experienced undergraduate tutors.

Led by experienced, trained undergraduate tutors, these highly interactive tutoring sessions are designed to help students enhance their problem-solving skills and strategies so that they can apply them independently and flexibly to tackle the types of challenging problems on Princeton-level exams. Students develop these skills by collaboratively working on problem sets and talking through the concepts underlying them.


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