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How to Become a Study Hall Tutor

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McGraw Wants You!


Want to strengthen and deepen your own knowledge in your chosen concentration? Interested in improving your academic performance while helping your fellow students improve theirs? Want to hone skills for professions beyond Princeton and get paid for it? If so (and who wouldn't), consider joining the McGraw Center as a peer tutor for Study Hall.

The McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning is currently hiring peer tutors for Study Hall @Frist. Interested? Please apply here. Through Study Hall, we provide free tutoring in introductory-level mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, politics, and operations research and financial engineering. (A current list of supported courses can be found here.) Study Hall is open Sunday through Wednesday evenings from 7:30-10:30 p.m. throughout the semester, and students drop in to the 300-level of the Frist Campus Center to take advantage of experienced, trained undergraduate tutors available to guide them through learning course material, thinking through problem sets, and preparing for exams. We emphasize helping students to help themselves.

We're looking for students who enjoy working with others and who want to improve their problem-solving skills. You need to have earned an A- or higher in the course you'd like to support, and we will provide training in managing group work, fostering collaboration, and effective tutoring.

Tutors generally work one or two nights of Study Hall per week and are paid at rate I, approximately $15 per hour, including time spent in training. T-shirts, name tags, and lanyards are also involved, along with delicious food on occasion.

 If you would like to become a McGraw Individual Tutor for CHM 201, MAT 103, MAT 175, and/or  PHY 103, you may submit an application at any time of the year.

What Tutors say about McGraw Study Hall Tutoring

"It's been an absolute pleasure working in McGraw this year. You have all been such a positive influence on my general happiness. This year I have built relationships through McGraw with students and tutors alike that have been very rewarding."
-Rob Speare ‘12
"Through McGraw Study Hall (and the trainings) I've really gained the skills and practice needed to turn good intentions into effective tutoring. I really appreciate all that I've learned through working at McGraw for the past two years -- thank you very much for this wonderful program!"
            --Connie Wang ‘14

Questions?  Certainly do ask.  Ready to apply?