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Requesting Services

You can request our services by email or telephone at 609-258-3196 or 8-3196.

Please be sure to send in your request via email to at least 10 days prior to the event, and be sure to include the following information (Student Groups - in addition be sure to send your approval from ODUS, the Grad School or Sponsoring Departmental as an attachment):  This initial email will start the process.  

  • Your name:
  • Department or name of Student Group:
  • Telephone number at which you can be reached:
  • Date of event:
  • Location of event:
  • Start time of event:
  • End time of event:
  • The nature of the services needed:
  • The department’s account number:

For a list of classrooms and their media capabilities, please see our Media Room Finder.

Attention Student Groups:

All Student Organizations, Undergraduate and Graduate, must provide an emailed copy of the final approval as an attachment to before we can release any equipment. An Event Registration Form can be filed at the Dean of Undergraduates Office for undergraduates Policies and Procedures or the Graduate School Office for graduate students.

Please note that due to limited staff, all equipment to be used by student organizations must be picked up from and returned to our office. You may wish to find a room that already has the equipment your group needs, and there is no rental charge for equipment that is stationed or installed in classrooms.