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Using Technology in Classrooms

Media Services maintains A/V and computing equipment in selected lecture halls, classrooms, and seminar rooms; provides portable equipment in other locations; provides operators for equipment.

Using Audio and Video Materials for Teaching

Media Services provides audio editing and duplication services; videorecording, video editing and duplication services; and technical support.

Developing Presentation and Course Materials

Media Services provides equipment and services for creation and duplication of audio and video tapes.

Services for Public and Special Events

Special Events Checklist
Special events generally require coordination with several University offices. This checklist provides a list of possible tasks and offices to contact for help.

Media-equipped rooms
Certain University lecture halls and classrooms are particularly well-suited for public lectures and seminars that require audio, video, or computing technologies. Individuals planning public events are encouraged to use facilities with appropriate installed technologies.

Service Charges
There are charges for Media Services technical support.

Equipment Rental
Portable equipment can be rented for use in facilities that are not suitably equipped. This stock is not unlimited, and advance notice of need is essential.

Request for Services

Services may be requested by:

Please see our Service Request page for complete details.