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Eric Sachs

Dr. Sachs was awarded degrees at Texas A&M University and the University of California, Davis. He has worked at Monsanto Company, St. Louis, for 30+ years and has played a key role in the development and application of agricultural biotechnology or GM crops. He currently is Lead, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, and his group focuses on developing more sustainable approaches for pest and weed management, assessing the environmental and economic impacts of GM crops, and increasing understanding GM crop safety assessment and regulation.

His primary responsibilities include: broadly communicating principles of risk assessment and risk management of GM crops; enabling the development and application of harmonized GM crop regulations based on science and comparative risk; providing science-based information responsive to claims regarding biotechnology regulation, food and feed safety, environmental impacts, and socio-economic impacts; supporting and encouraging the development of independent, third-party studies that examine the safety and impacts of approved biotech crops; and providing stewardship oversight of responsible weed resistance management for herbicide tolerant biotech crops, and geographically appropriate, product focused, insect resistance management for insect-protected biotech crops.

As a leader and communicator within the private sector, he successfully uses his knowledge of science and biotechnology, experience, and passion to communicate the safety and benefits of GM crops, to demystify the science of biotechnology, and to build confidence among the public.