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Paris Greets Wilson
Paris greets Wilson (1919). From the Papers of Woodrow Wilson Project.

Seeley G. Mudd Gallery

When more than one search box for the same field is available (usually for subject or title word), you have a choice of using and, or, or xor as the operator between the terms.  Placing two words in one box will return all records that contain that exact phrase.  However, placing the terms in separate boxes with an and as the operator will return all records with both words within the record, but not necessarily adjacent to one another. 

For example, the phrase "Black history" entered into one search box will return "Black History Month," "Black History in Jamaica," etc.  But if each word is placed in a separate box connected by an and, the return will include "History of Blacks at Princeton," etc.  If or  is used, records returned will include one word or phrase or the other or both.  If xor (the exclusive or) is used, records returned will include the first word or phrase or the second word or phrase, but not both.  For example, "Black" xor "History" will not return any of the examples cited above.

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  American Civil Liberties Union Legal Case Files Index, 1933-1900 [Bulk 1960-1984]   Alumni (Undergraduate), 1748-1920
  Architectural Presentation Boards, 1929-2001   Alumni (Undergraduate), 1921-1979
  Archives Holdings, 1746-Present   Alumni (Graduate School), 1839-1998
  Audio-visual Collection, 1912-2000   Faculty and Professional Staff Index, 1764-2001
  Ball, George W. Writings and Public Statements Index, 1942-1994   Honorary Degrees, 1748-2001
  E-Series Accessions Database, c.1898-1960 (Princeton domain only)   Princeton Alumni Weekly Memorial Index, 1894-2004
  Fosdick, Raymond Blaine Correspondence Index, 1912-1951   Trustee Index, 1746-2001
  Historical Photograph Collection, 1850s-1996   World War II Memorial Book
  Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections Database (MASC)    
  Memorabilia Collection, c. 1782-2000    
  Nassau Literary Magazine Index, 1842-1942    
  Senior Theses, 1926-present    
  Trustees Minutes, 1746-1868