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Blair Hall
  Blair Hall. From the Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series.

Princeton University Historical Photograph Collection, 1840s-1996

This database contains descriptive information on over 20,000 photographs found within the University Archives Historical Photograph Collection. You may conduct a keyword search to retrieve a listing of photographs that meet your criteria. Information returned will include a general description of the photograph along with pertinent details, such as dates, photographer, and image type, as well as the collection, box, and image number. In addition to this database, finding aids for some divisions (Campus Life, Grounds and Buildings, and Student Photograph Albums) of the Historical Photograph Collection are available on the web. Furthermore, this database does not include all the photographs extant within the University Archives. Additional information will be added as photos are cataloged.

The Mudd Manuscript Library would like to acknowledge the Friends of the Princeton University Library for their generous support in making this database web-accessible.

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How to view photographs. How to request reproductions of photographs.

To view photographs that meet you criteria, patrons are encouraged to visit the Mudd Library to request a photocopy of the image(s) of interest. If a visit is not possible, the library can provide photocopies, photographic prints, or scans of many of the images in these collection. [Note: Some restrictions may apply due to preservation concerns.]

Information on how to order images, pricing, and guidelines is available online. Please contact the Mudd Library if you need assistance with photograph requests.

Additionally, the Grounds and Buildings Series of this collection has been digitized and can be viewed online through the Princeton University Digital Library.