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Welcome and Peace be with you.

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Easily accessible from Nassau Street, Murray Dodge is located diagonal from the University Chapel and behind East Pyne Hall. Public parking is available in Lot 23 all day and in Lot 10 after 5pm on weekdays and free on the weekends. There are also metered parking and private garages in town.  Please use this map for the exact location. 

MLP FUNDRAISER (2017-2018) - Please donate online to support Muslim Life and help reach our $50k goal.

Read Princeton University President Eisgruber's letter published in the Princeton Alumni Weekly in praise of Muslim Life on campus.

$50K Summer Goal to support Princeton Muslim Life!

Dear loving community,

I am so happy to offer you and your family and loved ones a joyous Eid Saeed, Eid Mubarak! The month of Ramadan - a month of refocusing and purification - has now left us, but its lessons in teaching us self-restraint, patience, discipline, empathy with the poor, gratitude and deeper consciousness of Allah's presence in our lives continues on till our last breath. I pray that these spiritual-ethical virtues grow in each one of us not only individually but also collectively as a community.

I'm so proud of our community for stepping up this Ramadan in a spirit of brother and sisterhood to make the month so special for everyone who came through. A special shout out to MLP Assistant Yusra Syed and the awesome team of volunteers. Arshe and I were not with you this Ramadan in person, but we were there everyday in spirit. Your pictures and prayers sustained us while we were away. I wanted to especially share a testimonial from our dear beloved brother Abdul Hakim:
"Eid Mubarak to All of you! For all of you who do not know me, my name is Abdul Hakim Abdullah. I am a member of the Princeton Muslim Life Community, and the surrounding community as well. As Imam Sohaib calls it "Gown to Town," in which Princeton University students and community members come together as one.

I would to take a moment to reflect on our Ramadan Iftars this year, as a unified community over the past 30 days. I truly hope that your Ramadan was filled with spiritual growth and self development as it definitely was for me.

This Ramadan we were faced with a challenge because of Imam Sohaib and Sister Arshe's absence. Imam Sohaib and Sister Arshe have truly established an Ummah, a community of one family, at Princeton University among the students,  and have  prepared us to work together collectively. I don't think there was any person attending an Iftar who did not contribute to making each night a success.

We should all be so proud of our Ummah for making this Ramadan a special one, showing Imam Sohaib and Sister Arshe how well they have prepared us to work together - as one family to make this Ramadan a success

Sustaining this type of community and all that we do needs money. I would like to personally invite you to financially support Princeton Muslim Life in reaching our $50K goal for this summer. With many of your generous contributions we're nearly halfway there. We need another $30K to sustain all of our dynamic programming including educational lectures, seminars and workshops that seek to stem the tide of misinformation about Islam in America.  

Please make a generous online donation now ( to help us reach our $50K Summer Goal. In the special instructions box please write: This donation is exclusively to support the Muslim Life Program Fund B0509. Once you've made your donation, please send me a quick e-mail ( indicating the amount donated so we can ensure it has been safely deposited.   

JazakAllah khayr,
Imam Sohaib


Everyone is Welcome
Jummah Continues through the Summer.


Murray Dodge 1st FL, West RM
1.15 pm    First Adhan, Sunnah 
1.20 pm    Khutbah

2.00 pm    INVOCATION (dua)
2.10 pm    Meet & Greet - give salam to fellow devotees