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A lecture series that engages academics, activists, and artists on Islam today

MLP Islam in Conversation Series Fall'15   

Sayings, Sermons & Teachings of Imam Ali
Join Dr.  Tahera Qutbuddin from the University of Chicago in an illuminating public lecture on Islamic wisdom and universal values as represented by one of the greatest sages of Muslim history. 
MON Sept 21 | 7 PM   

Islamic Finance & the Public Good
A wide ranging conversation with Islamic finance expert, Professor Umar F. Moghul, on the intersection and tensions between Islamic ethics, business, and social impact. 
TUES Oct 13 | 7 PM
Robertson Hall. BOWL 1
[washington rd & prospect ave]

Unveiling The Study Qur'an
Join us for an historic unveiling and celebration of the forthcoming publication The Study Qur'an (Harper Collins). For the first time in the English language, this guide offers a side-by-side comparative study of the wisdom of the commentators from the breadth of the Islamic tradition: Sunni, Sufi and Shia'. Keynote speech by the book's co-editor, Dr. Joseph Lumbard of Brandeis University. 
THURS Nov 19 | 7 PM 
Carl Fields Center
[58 Prospect Ave. Princeton NJ 08544)

Interpreting & Covering Islam in Turbulent Times 
A wide ranging conversation with Dr. Caner Dagli from the College of the Holy Cross on how the academy and the media can engage in more sophisticated approaches to claims made about Islam from all who seek to speak in the name of the religion.  
WED Dec 2 | 7 PM

Open to the Public! Everyone is welcome!

MLP Community Forums      

Muslim Mental Health: From Denial to Understanding 
Mark your calendars for this critical half-day forum on understanding the reality of mental illness in the individual, family and society. Islamic perspectives on the difference between mental illness and spiritual crisis, keeping the right perspective on tribulation and suffering, and stories of perseverance will be shared. Dr. Omar Mahmood, Family Therapist Noreen Iqbal, and others will offer their insights and expertise.  
SAT Oct 17 | 2-6 PM  

Muslim Masculinity in an Age of Feminism 
This day-long conversation conversation will explore how Muslim men are re-defining and in some ways reacting to (or against) a push for gender equality, deconstruction of patriarchy and feminism. The conversation is meant to be an honest and respectful conversation of the challenges as well as the opportunities that these relatively recent social developments are having on men in the Muslim community -- especially young men who are trying to find their place in a chaotic world.
SAT Nov 14 (Tentative) | 11 AM - 8 PM | Co-hosted with Alt-Muslimah

Open to the Public! Everyone is welcome!