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Unearthing the Islamic Prophetic Tradition

$35. ($45 at the door)
$30. (Day Pass)

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Location: FRIST 302


4.45-5.00 Qur’an & Opening Remarks (Imam.Sohaib)
5:00-6.30 Session I: FILM: The Light in Her Eyes
6.35-8.30 Session II: Women in the Mosque: Leadership & Education, 
Ustatha Tahera, Ustatha Nevine
9.00- 11.00  Session III: Praying ‘Īshā’ with Imam Sohaib Sultan (MURRAY DODGE Rm. 22)
Light Dinner (Provided) after ‘Īshā’ 
Women’s Only Qiyām with Ustatha Tahera &
Talk on Cultivating our Spirituality as Women with Ustatha Zaynab (MURRAY DODGE Rm. 22)
Parallel men’s only Qiyam and Talk on Cultivating our Spirituality as Men with Imam Sohaib (MURRAY DODGE 3rd fl. Prayer Rm)


9.30 -11.00  Session IV: On the Road to Scholarship
Speakers: Ustatha Tahera Ahmed, Dr. Dalia Fahmy, Ustatha Zaynab Ansari, ‘GS Sarah Islam, Ustatha Nevine Ahmed  
11.00-12.20 Session V:  al-Muhadithāt: The female Scholars of Ḥadīth (Ustatha Zaynab).
 al-Faqihāt: The Female Scholars of Jurisprudence (Sarah Islam).
12.30-1.30  Session VI: The History of Feminism. How is the History of Feminism problematic and/or Useful in Muslim Communities  (Dr.Dalia)
1.30-3.00 Lunch & Ẓuhr & Asr  MURRAY DODGE
3.10-4.20 Session VII:  Women within Islamic Discourse: Problematic Ḥadīth (Ustatha Zaynab) Patriarchy and our Scholars (Ustatha Nevine)
4.20-4.45 Maghrib  MURRAY DODGE
4.45-5.45: Session VIII 
Women’s Only Breakout sessions (Open Discussion, Q&A)
Brother's Only Parallel Session w/ Imam Sohaib Sultan
6.00-7.20 Dinner (Provided in FRIST 302)
7.30- 8.30 Session IX: Muslim Women’s Movements in the Modern World:  The Arab Spring (Dr.Dalia) & Individuals and Movements  (GS Sarah)
8.40 -9.30 Session X: Feminism and Islam: Moving Forward
(Dr. Dalia Fahmy, Ustatha Zaynab Ansari, ‘GS Sarah Islam, Nevine Ahmed)
9.30- 10:00 Closing remarks & Du‘ā’