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2-day Islamic Learning Intensive seminar

Debating and Determining God's Will in Islam

A must attend 2-DAY Intensive! 

Friday 7 pm [Bendheim Center for Finance (26 Prospect Ave.)]
Saturday 11 am- pm [
Friend Center 101  (Williams St. / Olden St.)]

2-day Islamic Learning Intensive seminar on
Debating and Determining God's Will in Islam
with esteemed Islamic scholars
Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans Dr. Ovamir Anjum 
from the American Learning Institute for Muslims (ALIM).

The seminar will begin on FRI evening Nov 22 with a commentary on the Prophetic teaching "consult your own heart" and advice about finding spiritual direction. Then, on SAT Nov 23 starting at 11 am the seminar will offer an historical account of how Muslims developed schools of thought and law through the centuries in an attempt to answer "what is God's will?" The afternoon session will focus on how we attempt to answer this question in the modern age and particular challenges that we struggle with today. 
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Tickets: $25 onsite (no one will be turned away)