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From Denial to Understanding: Mental Health Matters

Community Forum

    CANCELLED. Due to hazardous icy conditions we're cancelling the mental health forum scheduled for today. We're sorry for any inconvenience. We will reschedule the forum for a date in the near future. Please keep your eye out for an announcement. Have a safe and peaceful Sunday and week ahead.


Please leave 15 minutes for parking and walking.
Princeton University
Friend Center (William St. / Olden St.) 




Metered Street Parking available

Lots 10 & 13 on William Street. (free)

Lot 2 behind the Equad (free)


Join Princeton University's Muslim Life Program and Muslim Wellness Foundation for a much needed community forum on mental health within the Muslim community

What do you do when you see someone you love or someone in your community struggle with bereavement or depression or mental illness? Would you know how to help them?

We all have heard stories or know someone in our local community behaving “strangely.” This person is often, sadly, treated with ridicule and suspicion. Many times even the local Imam does not know how to provide proper support and guidance.

What if that person is you?

Just because we cannot see mental health illness physically does not mean it does not exist. You don't have to struggle with mental health on your own.

Let’s begin with conversation- the conversations around mental health that are long overdue because we are so concerned about the stigma we have associated with it.

Please join us and our wonderful speakers:


Farooq Zafar is founder and CEO of Perennial Millennial, an upcoming lifestyle brand media platform and publishing engine for the global 18-35 demographic. Farooq has delivered motivational sermons, coached in a one-on-one setting and led programs and workshops in academic, residential and professional contexts throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area related to his tireless advocacy for mental health, specializing in the areas of anxiety, depression and suicide prevention.

Dr. Sheeba Rahman is a Medical Doctor with a specialization in Psychiatry. Sheeba actively dedicates time to community service by providing mental health awareness. She has given educational lectures/talks for the Islamic Center of Long Island and The Domestic Harmony Foundation. 

Amna J Khan, MA, LAC, NCC is a mental health counselor. Her professional experiences includes working in an outpatient setting, partial hospitalization care, substance abuse treatment and Psychaitric emergency room. She is a strong advocate for fighting mental health stigma and increasing awareness.

Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad, M.Ed is the Founder of Muslim Wellness Foundation (MWF). Muslim Wellness Foundation is dedicated to reducing stigma associated with mental illness, addiction and trauma and raising awareness regarding the behavioral healthcare needs of American Muslims through community dialogue, education and training. Kameelah also serves as the Interfaith Fellow & Muslim Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania.

Inshirah Aleem is a special Educator at a charter school in Washington, DC. She is the author of a memoir entitled, She Smiles and Cries, which highlights her struggles with mental illness.Inshirah currently serves as a board member of the Muslim Wellness Foundation, which is an organization committed to reducing stigma for those living with mental illness. Inshirah has been a spokeswoman for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)" In Our Own Voice", which is a program that provides a platform for individuals with mental illness to share their stories and educate people about mental illness.

Katara Alaam recognized for leadership and expertise in change management and business performance, with over 10 years of research-based, solution development in strategic planning, project management, high performing leaders and team development. As a Senior Consultant, for the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority in Washington DC, she leads a team of consultants in the design and execution of organizational re-structuring, workforce planning and industry standard business process improvement solutions.