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Muslim Life Program

The Muslim Life Program in the Office of Religious Life is directed by Chaplain Sohaib Sultan.  Sultan is available throughout the academic year as a resource for students seeking faith-based counseling and learning. He also welcomes questions and discussions about Islam and Muslim practice.

The Muslim Life Program seeks to successfully integrate the faith and practice of Muslim students into their Princeton University experience by:  

1.    Providing students with the space and opportunity to explore their 
       faith – spiritually and intellectually– in a safe and nurturing 

2.    Fostering a close-knit, spiritual, and pluralistic community that honors 
       cultural, racial, and philosophical diversity in its midst.  

3.    Developing an institution for Muslim life that meets short and long-
       term needs and hopes of Muslim students; acts as an effective partner
       for interfaith relations; and serves as an educational resource on Islam 
       and Muslim cultures/practices.  

4.    Encouraging students to live out their faith through service and good 
       global citizenship.