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Qur’an Summer Intensive Seminar
Ramadan, Tuesdays-Thursdays


Session 1: Tuesday, July 24
 TOPIC: Why Do We Need Divine Revelation?

-The moral argument for scripture.
-Why the Qur’an was revealed when it was revealed.
-Names and purposes of Qur’anic revelation.
-The oral and literary miracle of the Qur’an.

Session 2: Wednesday, July 25
 TOPIC: Approaching the Qur’an

-Spiritual tools for reading the Qur’an with mind and heart.
-Various approaches to reading the Qur’an for understanding and reflection.
-Understanding the Qur’anic narrative style.
-Brief survey of English translations and commentaries.
-Introducing the Daily Qur’an Journal reflection.
-Visit to Princeton University library to see rare old manuscripts of the Qur’an.

Session 3: Thursday, July 26
 TOPIC: Interpreting the Qur’an

-Introduction to the various sciences of Qur’anic interpretation.
-Different types of commentaries.
-Difference between commentary (tafsir) and reflection (tadabur).

Session 4: Tuesday, July 31
 TOPIC: God & Prophets in the Qur’an

-Attributes of God.
-Signs of God.
-Why prophets and messengers were sent by God.
-The prophetic message through the ages.
-Who the prophets were.

Session 5: Wednesday, August 1
 TOPIC: God and the Human Being

-Lessons from the Adamic story.
-Our relationship with God.
-Purpose of human life.
-God, man, and the natural environment.
-The nature of the human being.

Session 6: Thursday, August 2
 TOPIC: Spirituality and Inner Psychology

-Qur’anic perception of the pure heart (qalbun saleem) and its attainment.
-The three types of souls.
-The difference between faith and rejection.
-Dua's from the Qur'an.

Session 7: Tuesday, August 7
 TOPIC: Ethics, Morals, and Values

-Identifying core Qur’anic morals and values through key passages. 
-Examining major duties and sins described in the Qur’an.
-Understanding the ethical system of the Qur’an.
-Looking at principles that emerge for living a God-conscious life.

Session 8: Wednesday, August 8
 TOPIC: Marriage & Family Life

-Understanding what the Qur’an says about marriage and divorce.
-Raising children and youth according to the Qur’anic paradigm.
-Gender relations.

Session 9: Thursday, August 9
 TOPIC: The Qur’an and Society

-Role of a believing community in the Qur’an.
-Identifying core values that society is called to uphold.
-Qur’anic understanding of social justice.

Session 10: Tuesday, August 14
 TOPIC: Contemporary Issues I

-Examining how the Qur’an views other faith traditions.
-Interfaith relations.

Session 11: Wednesday, August 15
 TOPIC: Contemporary Issues II

-War, Reconciliation, and Peace.
-Human Rights.

Session 12: Thursday, August 16
 TOPIC: Reflecting on What We Learned

-Student presentations
-Conclusion/ Wrap-up