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Ramadan on campus

Assalamu'alaykum dear community,
Ramadan Mubarak! We wanted to announce Princeton MLP's plans for communal iftar (breaking of the fast meal). 


OPEN IFTARS - Join us in the Murray Dodge Cafe every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to break fast with a warm and loving community! RSVP HERE

People of all faiths and backgrounds are most welcome!

Please sign up here to sponsor an iftar or volunteer to help out! 

Please donate generously to our RAMADAN FUND - The MLP is looking for $2,000 in donations to cover all Ramadan related expenses.

JUMMAH continues all through the summer starting at 1:20 pm!

Volunteers will be needed throughout the summer for help with jummah set up (12:30 - 1 pm) and clean up (2:15 - 2:30). Please email Yusra Syed at to confirm your availability. 

May your Ramadan be filled with peace and blessings!