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Ramadan on campus


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OPEN IFTARS - break fast with a loving community - please rsvp

CIRCLES OF KNOWLEDGE - contemplating the Qur'an together

DEVOTIONS - worship Allah with your fellow sisters & brothers

Please donate generously to our RAMADAN FUND - $250 covers one iftar

People of all faiths and backgrounds are most welcome! 

Assalamu'alaykum dear community,

With Ramadan right around the corner we wanted to announce MLP's plans for communal iftar (breaking of the fast meal), circles of knowledge, and nights of devotion. See the announcement below for all the details.   

 Muslim Life marks the beginning of this blessed month of Ramadan. From all of us at Princeton University we wish you a blessed and fruitful month of fasting, devotion, and spiritual elevation. May Allah ta'ala accept our fasts, charity, and good deeds during this month. 

This Ramadan let us remember that less is more...Less consumption of food, less waste, less futile speech, less sleep. And, in return we get so much more...More good deeds, more spiritual rewards, more awakening of our souls, and more of a deeper relationship with Allah, the Messenger (s), and the Wise Qur'an. Spend Ramadan wisely, my dear brothers and sisters, for you never know when this blessed guest will come around in your lifetime for the very last time. Make a plan of how much Qur'an you want to read, reflect upon, and memorize during this month. Make a commitment to get rid of at least one bad habit, and to pick up a good new habit that will last you beyond Ramadan. Give much in charity through your wealth and deeds to local and international worthy efforts. Remember those who are struggling with oppression when you make dua' for yourself and for your family and loved ones every night. This Ramadan, take another step in becoming masters over your ego, desires, and wants, and 

Please make a donation to the Ramadan fund.