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Iftar Schedule

This Ramadan, we will have Muslim Life Program sponsored iftar Mondays-Thursdays.  (with certain exceptions that we will update you via email)

Students and others are welcome to gather Fridays-Sundays for iftar over potlucks or any other arrangement that is suitable.

All iftar dinners will be held in Murray-Dodge Hall. 

We are still in need for people to sponsor our daily iftars. You can either sign-up to cook for about 30 people or donate $250 to cover the costs of catering an iftar meal. Please let us know ( at your earliest if you are interested. 


Monday July 23:   sponsored
Tuesday July 24:  sponsored 
Wednesday July 25:   sponsored 
Thursday July 26:  sponsored

Monday July 30:   sponsored 
Tuesday July 31:   sponsored 
Wednesday Aug 1:   sponsored  
Thursday Aug 2:  sponsored 

Monday Aug 6:  sponsored  
Tuesday Aug 7:  sponsored  
Wednesday Aug 8: OPEN
Thursday Aug 9:  sponsored

Monday Aug 13:  sponsored   
Tuesday Aug 14:  sponsored  
Wednesday Aug 15:  sponsored   
Thursday Aug 16: sponsored  


You can also DONATE to the Ramadan General Fund to help pay for dates, desserts, drinks, and food.