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5 pm: Bus leaves from Princeton University to Blairstown NJ Retreat Center

7 pm: Bus arrives at Blairstown NJ Retreat Center

7—8 pm:  Introduction to Blairstown NJ Retreat Center


8—8.30 pm: Maghrib and ‘Isha

8.30—10.30 pm: Spiritual Retreat: Disengaging to Engage the World

with Imam Sohaib Sultan and Discussion

10.30—11 pm: Dhikr and Meditation

11 pm: Sleep



5:45 am:  Fajr, Dhikr & Short Reflection

6.30—8 am: Freshen up & Personal time

8—9 am: Breakfast

9.30—10.30 am: Short and Comfortable Hiking Trip to the Lake

10.30 am—12 pm:  Living with Purpose: Blessings of Youth + Open Q & A

with Omer Bajwa

12—1 pm: Lunch

1.30 pm: Dhur & Asr

1.30—3 pm: Sports/Relaxation

3.30—5 pm: Spiritual Biographies: Sharing the Experience of Faith, Making Sense of Our Journey

5—6 pm: Personal free time

6—7 pm: Dinner

7.30—8 pm: Maghrib & ‘Isha

8—9 pm: Spiritual Songs/Poetry over camp fire with halal marshmallows

9 pm: Bus Leaves for Princeton University