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Hebrew Film Screenings, 2012 -13

Spring 2013 Hebrew Films Screenings & Discussion

Hebrew films will be screened on Sunday Evenings at 7:15m in McCormick 101.
Follwing the screening, a discussion with the filmmaker or a guest commentator
will be presented. All Films will be presented in Hebrew with English Subtitles.
The discussions following the films will be in English.


March 3, 2013
"The Policeman"
Directed by Nadav Lapid, 2011
McCormick 101

April 7, 2013
"The Dreamers"
Directed by Efrat Shalom Danon, 2011
McCormick 101

April 21, 2013
"The Dolphin Boy"
Directed by Dani Menkin, 2011
McCormick 101

Fall 2012 Hebrew Films Screenings & Discussion


October 7, 2012, 7:15 pm - McCormick 101
Altalena ( אלטלנה ) 
Israel, 2008, 96 minutes
Hebrew, French & Yiddish with English subtitles
Directed by Eli Cohen 

Discussion with Screenwriter Motti Lerner
following film screening

October 21, 2012
Benzion Netanyu-His Life and Legacy ( בן ציון נתניהו-חייו ופועלו ), Moshe Levinson, 2012 
Hebrew with English subtitles.
Discussion with Dr. Adi Ben Israel, Rutgers University, following the film. 

The life story of Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu, father of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and one of the most important historians in the world, known for his monumental study of the sources of the Spanish Inquisition. He was also once the right-hand man of Zeev Jabotinsky. The movie reveals Netanyahu as a man devoted to the Jewish People and the State of Israel and as an intellectual of profound depth and insight.

November 11, 2012
The Invisible Men ( גברים בלתי נראים )
, Yariv Mozer , 2012
69 Minute Running Time
Hebrew, English, and Arabic with English subtitles. 
Discussion to follow with with director Yariv Mozer and writer-producer Adam Rosner '07.

"An untold side of the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict: gay Palestinians - Louie, Abdu and Fares - are hiding in Tel Aviv, and until they escape, they must remain 'the invisible men'.
In a tumultuous region fraught with religious, cultural and political tribulations, simply being oneself is a luxury that gay Palestinians cannot afford. Threatened with violence and death by the their families, outed gay men such as 32-year-old Louie have fled Palestine for Tel Aviv. But while the Israeli urban center may arguably be the most LGBT friendly city in the Middle East, it is still a space where gay Palestinians have a very tough time living legally and getting by.
Examining the multiple layers of identity that add up to make a person, award-winning director Yariv Moser’s intimate film sheds light on a world where one cannot be gay in Palestine, or a Palestinian in Israel. In this world, they truly are 'The Invisible Men'."  — Alexis Whitham
Doc Aviv 2012 Special Jury Award.