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The Near East & the World Seminar Series


US Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East

March 6, 2018, 4:40pm
Walter A. McDougall
University of Pennsylvania

"The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy: How American Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest"
Robertson Bowl 2

April 3, 4:30 pm
Michael Desch
Notre Dame International Security Center
"Could Less Be More? Restraint as a U.S. Strategy for the Middle East"
Lewis Library 138

April 5, 4:30pm
James Jeffrey
The Washington Institute
"Iran's Challenge to the Regional Order"
Robertson Bowl 2

April 19, 4:30pm
Denise Natali
Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University
U.S. Foreign Policy and the Kurds"
Robertson Bowl 2

April 24, 4:30pm
Jonathan Stevenson
IISS, Senior Fellow for US Defense, Editor of Strategic Comments
"The Trump Administration's Incoherent Middle East Policy"
Robertson Bowl 1

May 1, 4:30pm
Bing West
Former Asst. Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
"17 Years of War-fighting without War-thinking"
Robertson Bowl 16