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Ph.D. Students Seeking Academic Positions

Candidate Major Fields Dissertation Title Advisors
Jacob Olidort 

 1. Modern Middle East

2. Islamic theology

3. Islamic law

  "In Defense of Tradition: Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani and the Salafi Method"   Bernard Haykel
 Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

 1.Global Islamic History

 2. Religious Authority in Islam

3. Transnational Shi'ism


 "Debating Shi'ism in 20th and 21st Century Pakistan: Orthodoxy, Reform, and the Limits of the Transnational"

 Muhammad Qasim Zaman


 Aaron Rock-Singer

 1. Modern Islam
2. Modern Middle Eastern History
3. Islamic History 600–1800
  “ The Emergence of an Islamic Revival in Egypt: Islamic Magazines and Popular Piety, 1976-1981”   Muhammad Qasim Zaman