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Archive – February 2013

David Selim Sayers, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, has published a book, Tıflî Hikâyeleri, with Bilgi University Press. The book is a study of “Tıflî Stories,” a barely explored genre of prose fiction produced in the Ottoman empire from the late eighteenth to the late twentieth century and often regarded as a major inspiration for the Ottoman and Turkish novel.   The book serves two purposes: first, it offers
In connection with the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the Leiden chair of Arabic in1613, Leiden University awarded honorary doctorates to Michael A. Cook, Class of 1943 University Professor of Near Eastern Studies, and Patricia Crone, Lecturer (with the rank of Professor) in Near Eastern Studies and the Andrew W. Mellon Professor at the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies, for their pioneering and consistently innovative approach to the history of Islam that h
Zoe Bedell (Politics ’07, Certificate in Near Eastern Studies), who served four years in the Marines and spent two tours of duty in Afghanistan, has joined a lawsuit challenging the sweeping restriction against women serving in combat roles in the US armed forces. The ACLU is representing her, three female members of the Marines, the California Air National Guard and the Army Reserve, and the nonprofit Service Women's Action Network. In connection with the lawsuit, Bedell has recently
Lecturer in Arabic Nizar F. Hermes' new book, The [European] Other in Medieval Arabic Literature and Culture: Ninth-Twelfth Century AD, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. This engaging study of “non-religious Arabic prose and poetic texts ... shows that there was no shortage of medieval Muslims who cast curious eyes and minds towards the European Other and that more than a handful of them were textually and physically interested in Europe.” To learn more about this book, c